5 ways to keep members coming back for more

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2 March 2021

We know that exercising 2+ times a week drives loyalty to the platform or brand facilitating it. In fact, the magic number is 2.4 times a week – and increasingly, with habits perhaps forever changed by COVID, those engagements will not all take place within the four walls of your club.

You therefore need a marketing strategy in place to keep people coming back to your online platform, as well as to your club.

The following are five quick tips to kickstart the promotion of your digital offering – and don’t forget that many of these templates are available through your Wexer platform, all ready for you to adapt, brand and send out to your members.


#1 – Create a plan

Just as you need a steady flow of fresh new content onto your digital platform to keep members engaged, so you need consistent, branded updates – that speak to your specific membership and their wellbeing – that continually reminds them about that new content. Out of sight, sadly, can mean out of mind, at least until a new habit is formed. And there will always be people to whom your digital platform is new. Keep signposting!


#2 – New collection updates

You have, we hope, spotted the themed class collections we release onto the Wexer platform each week. Hopefully you’ve been sharing these with your members already – but if not, we’ve got you covered, with catchy descriptions for each new collection, plus an email template into which you can drop those details. Updating your members, offering them something new to keep them engaged and motivated in their workouts, has never been easier.


#3 – New users

It’s important to introduce new users properly to your Web Player, ensuring they know how to navigate the platform, giving them ideas of classes they might like to try, encouraging them to explore and find their new favorite workouts.

You’ll want to create a new user welcome flow – a communication plan designed specifically for this audience – and we can help, with a whole series of email templates available through the Wexer platform.


#4 – Lapsed users

Similarly with lapsed users, it’s important to have a communication plan in place to re-engage this group. Once again, you’ll find some great email templates on the Wexer platform that will set you off in the right direction.


#5 – Building your user base

Finally, while you certainly need to keep existing users engaged and coming back for more, you also need to keep new users flowing in. Keep shouting about your offering, filling your social feeds with everything from teasers to testimonials.

For those who live in the catchment of your club, digital is a tried and tested foot in the door – a great way to let new prospects experience what you have to offer before they invest in full membership. And for those living further afield? Digital-only memberships allow you to maximize the yield from your online efforts.


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AuthorKim Napolitano