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5 ways to support your team through your digital transformation


Digital is an integral part of everyday life, yet when it comes to embracing it within our businesses, fitness has rather lagged behind other sectors. Things are, of course, changing fast: fitness has experienced a huge digital acceleration over the last year as COVID has forced the collective hand of the sector. Yet among your workforce, there is likely to still be a lack of understanding about what this digital transformation means in terms of their day-to-day roles.

It is important that all team members be brought up-to-speed quickly; helped to appreciate that this isn’t just a nice-to-have, but rather something they must embrace to secure the future of both the company and their job; and given their own part to play in ensuring the success of your digitalization.

Here are five suggestions you might like to consider.


#1 – Clearly define the ‘why’

Make sure every member of staff understands not just what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it. Work out your elevator pitch and ensure that everyone, from your reception team to your trainers to your sales team, understand why it matters. To drive engagement with your brand in this new digital era, you need the full team onboard. Don’t treat your digital strategy as something for the boardroom only.


#2 – Pivot people’s perspective

Following on from the above, help your team realize the club is no longer the be-all and end-all. In-club is now only half of the picture; the other half is your digital ‘any time, anywhere’ platform.


From sales people to instructors to PTs, your team needs to appreciate that your brand isn’t just about a gym any more. It’s about being your members’ fitness provider of choice, with a 24/7 experience that spans numerous touchpoints both in- and out-of-club. They are all part of a much bigger jigsaw now, and they need to be encouraging members to engage with every facet.


#3 – Run a clinic on content creation

You never know where your next online superstar will come from, so run a clinic on content creation and see what comes from it. This is the fun part for many people, and gives them something they can see and get their teeth into. Give your team a chance to feel involved. You’re going to need a lot of content, so let the creative juices flow. Audition people. You might just unearth your next #1 content creator!


#4 – Engage your marketing team

One key feature of a successful hybrid offering is seamlessness, whereby online experiences reflect, enhance and complement the in-club experience. Whereby all experiences clearly come from the same brand.

That same seamlessness is going to be needed in the marketing of this hybrid offering. Every communication touchpoint within your marketing strategy will need to echo the same message: positioning your business as an omnichannel provider delivering expert-led fitness wherever you need it. Motivate your marketing team with this exciting new vision.


#5 – Set digital KPIs

Every department should be set digital KPIs, which should be treated with the same priority as all other KPIs. The precision of measurement that goes into sales and retention performance, for example, should also be applied when measuring your digital performance. It might be a new KPI, but it is no less important than any other.


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