Global barre phenomenon Physique 57 launches a signature collection on the Wexer platform

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15 December 2021

Wexer is delighted to announce the arrival of an exciting new content partner – Physique 57 – to its ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Web Player.

Starting life as a bricks-and-mortar boutique brand, Physique 57 was one of the first barre-based boutique fitness studios to appear on the New York City scene. Launched in 2006, it quickly became a favourite of celebrity wellness enthusiasts such as Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker; just months after opening, even the waitlists had waitlists.

Today, there are Physique 57 locations across the US, Dubai, Bangkok and Mumbai and the brand has become an international fitness and media company, including the delivery of online workout challenges for at-home workouts.

It is these workouts that will now be available on the Wexer Web Player, with 20 signature classes launching on the platform in December 2021 and more to be added during Q1 2022.


What can you expect from a Physique 57 class?

Founded by former Wall Street professional Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and wellness expert Tanya Becker, Physique 57 embraces the power of barre workouts to strengthen, lengthen and tone with incredibly fast results.

Bringing together rigorous interval training with creative choreography, the signature 57-minute workout is a high-intensity, low-impact programme that uses your own body weight as resistance. Safe and fun – not easy but effective – it combines interval training (sprint, recovery) and strength training (targeted muscle exertion to maximise sculpting) to transform your physique and empower you to push beyond your mental and physical limits.

Expect to be worked hard from head to toe, strengthening and toning your muscles. But also get ready to embrace an ethos that says fitness isn’t just about results, but rather a tool for becoming the best version of yourself and gaining strength and confidence along the way.

“The idea that exercise creates stronger, more confident people, especially women, has propelled us the whole way through,” confirms Maanavi.


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AuthorMorten Andersen