Are you marketing your Web Player? Here are 6 reasons why you should

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23 October 2020

So, you’ve invested in a white labelled Wexer Web Player – the ideal platform through which to reach your physical and digital members with world-class exercise content they can access any time, anywhere, through any internet-enabled device.

Congratulations – you’ve embraced the hybrid model!

Your next step is to market this new platform. Here’s why that’s so critical to your success…


#1 – You’ll build awareness

It’s an obvious one, but at the same time an important point to make: you’d be surprised how many people fall into this trap. If you don’t let your members know about your Web Player service, they won’t know it’s there and won’t use it. Awareness is the foundation of usage.

But there’s a twist to this tale, because nowadays consumers are more interested in what their peers are saying than what you’re telling them. The challenge, then, is to get members talking to each other about the Web Player so a buzz is created around it. This is in an era in which peer reviews and social media chat are key to people’s buy-in, so harness your social channels and create posts that fuel discussion and interaction.


#2 – You’ll own the whole journey

If members don’t know about your Web Player, they could so easily turn to a third-party provider for their online fitness needs, especially with so much choice available since lockdown – not least the arrival of Apple Fitness+.

Having your own Web Player gives you the chance to own your members’ entire online/offline fitness journey, so everything they do takes place under the trusted umbrella of your brand. But once again, marketing is key: you have to make sure your members know you can do this for them. You can’t just sit there silently and expect them to proactively come to you when there’s so much choice out there.


#3 – You’ll drive usage

Data from our customers reveals a direct correlation between the timing of dedicated Web Player member marketing emails and spikes in Web Player sign-ups and usage. The learning: you have to keep your Web Player front of people’s mind – keep providing fresh and exciting reasons to get involved – through a constant drip feed of marketing activity.


#4 – You’ll expand your member base

The great thing about having an online offering is that you’re no longer limited by geography: all of a sudden, you can serve up world-class fitness to people anywhere in the world, and with it dramatically grow your user base and revenues.

The challenge is to spread the word through an engaging marketing campaign, so current non-members know what you have to offer. Of course, marketing to non-members can be a costly exercise, but don’t ignore the low-hanging fruit: your members’ own networks of friends and family across the country and beyond. Focus your initial burst of marketing on turning your members into Web Player advocates, including physical-member-get-digital-member reward schemes.


#5 – You’ll build loyalty through novelty

Data shows that people only do an online workout twice before they look for something new; you’ll need to keep your members engaged by continually pointing them to something fresh on your Web Player. Our direct link feature – allowing you to share a one-click link to a specific class or workout in your member emails and social posts – brings the role of marketing front and central to making this happen.


#6 – You’ll be able to plan better

The more you market your Web Player, the more members will use it, which in turn means more data around usage patterns and behaviours. It’s a great way of securing member insight without having to rely on surveys, and it’s real, not self-reported. This is robust, reliable data that – if based on a sufficiently large sample, which is where your marketing efforts come in – can help you confidently shape your offer moving forward, not only online but also live.


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AuthorKaren Mason