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15 October 2020

Is your fitness club starting up again soon or are you already allowed to welcome members to the club again? Then you can immediately bring a great new concept to the attention of indoor cycling fans! Starting today, a new kind of indoor cycling workout will be added to the Wexer players, the CycleMasters Beat Ride!

Beat Ride workouts are an extension of the current trend Boutique fitness but have not yet been offered virtually. Laurens de Kock, together with Martijn van Lierop co-owner of CycleMasters: ‘Boutique Fitness has been a trend for some time now, but online indoor cycling has not yet really responded to this trend. We are closing this gap by expanding our current range of courses. The Scenic Rides as we have been making them for over 10 years will continue to exist, but we are convinced that there is also space and demand for a new kind of online workout, the Beat Ride. 

In the well-known Scenic Rides, the emphasis is on an indoor cycling lesson based on a displayed route. At the Beat Rides, you will be in a fitness studio and you will mainly follow the beat of the music and the instructions of the trainer. Members of boutique studios will quickly recognize the form of these classes and the principle is simple. You cycle on the beat of the music. You mainly do this out of the saddle, so you can compare it a bit with dancing to the music. Do you find the beat of the music? Then the rest of the lesson will follow automatically. Whether you just want to get back into sports, train more muscle groups at once, or are looking for more challenge, you can take the class at your own level’. 

Besides the Beat Ride lessons, a new kind of studio lesson will be added, the Signature Ride. In these lessons, the more performance-based way of teaching is combined with the studio look and feel. From now on you can offer your members a complete indoor cycling platform. Lessons in the different categories will be added regularly.


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AuthorMorten Andersen