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Calling all fitness influencers


If you’re a fitness influencer, you will already know this first-hand: COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of our sector forever, giving rise to a new generation of fitness rockstars who have embraced the online arena.

As we move forward into a hybrid online/in-person future, these rockstars are hugely powerful. They – you – are now the content creators, engaging large audiences, meeting expectations of regular new content, becoming brands in your own right.

Social media has been instrumental in the rise of individual influencer brands so far – but gaining a strong social following really relies on you promoting yourself.

What if there were a purpose-built platform, designed specifically for fitness and wellbeing and already boasting a large and growing audience, where your on-demand digital workout content could sit front and centre – and where you could earn revenue from every view of that content?

In fact, that platform already exists – the ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ Wexer Web Player – and we’re actively seeking influencers across all workout categories to add their content.

Benefits for you, the influencer, include:

  • An engaged audience of exercisers who already come to the platform for workout inspiration on a regular basis.
  • A global following that’s growing fast – and that we grow on your behalf, by partnering with fitness clubs, hospitality venues, residential developments, councils, local organisations and many more to offer quality at-home workout content to their members and followers.
  • The ability to earn revenue based on usage of your content.
  • A world-class platform, created and supported by digital market leader Wexer, that constantly evolves to remain best-in-class.

In a bit more detail…

By studying online exerciser behaviours, we’ve found that people tend to follow certain trainers, workout styles or programmes. This led to the launch of Channels on our Web Player – a feature designed to put content creators in the spotlight.

If we join forces, you’ll be given your own Channel where all your content can be found. In fact, you may even like more than one Channel, so each can focus on a certain workout style, outcome or topic.

You will also have far more control over how that content is presented to the end user than can be the case on other platforms; we know your brand depends on you having control over the way you present yourself and your content online.

Your fans will then be able to follow your Channel. You’ll be able to gain new fans, too, not least by regularly posting; the Channels that are visible the moment a user logs on to the Web Player, without having to scroll to see them, will be those with the freshest, most recently uploaded content.

That means Channel owners of all sizes have an equal chance of grabbing users’ attention. The secret: to upload new content as often as you can, so you meet users’ appetite for regularly refreshed workout inspiration – and so you stay in the home page headlines!

And the more users you gain, the more you earn; your following is instantly converted into revenue, which we pay direct to you.

It doesn’t even have to mean a lot more work for you, as we know many of you are already producing workout videos for your social media channels – even your own platform. This same content can be uploaded into your Wexer Web Player Channel.

Or perhaps you don’t have your own channel yet, but do have a rockstar quality and an ambition to create your own content and go online.

Whoever you are, we’re keen to hear from you. We’ll also be on-hand if you need advice along the way.

There really has never been a better time for a trainer or instructor to go virtual, or to grow an existing virtual presence.

We’re therefore inviting all trainers and instructors with online ambitions to get in touch.



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