Wexer Blog

4 August 2015

We always ask for feedback from our clients and based on the many ideas we get, we’re proud to present several new features (you may have already noticed some of the changes):
– New On Demand Player Functionalities
– Ability to watch previews and read class descriptions
– Ability to fast forward/rewind the videos in 30 second intervals
– Displays information on equipment required

New Wexer Admin Functionalities
– Add classes by simply clicking on the time and day in the calendar (to filter your choices, go to the right of the calendar)
– ‘New releases’ button in Content Library (for you to easily find the latest releases)
– New share-calendar functionality (download calendar to excel)
– Am/pm times for English speaking countries
– Precise time of videos rounded by minutes, not 5 minutes
– Easier to add a class in multiple spots (when adding a class, popup window re-appears keeping your selections from earlier)
– Start and end time visible in calendar

We’re currently working on lots of new features for Wexer Admin, e.g. a replace feature for the class calendar AND we’re also about to start a complete MAKEOVER of our on demand players.

AuthorDavid Packman