Wexer Blog

4 August 2015

Wexer Virtual has now launched in more than 20 countries around the world. One of the most recent places is India; a beautiful country with great food, lots of festivals, great heritage AND at the same time, a country which has just entered the world of virtual training!
la fitnesse is the first club ever in India to offer virtual training! Behind this club stands a fast-moving and forward-thinking man, Ankur Arora.

“As a business leader I felt it was my responsibility to ensure our members enjoy exercise, have variety in their workouts and can do group fitness classes at their convenient time. I wanted to leverage technology and innovation to enhance member experience in 2014. Cycling Cinema & Virtual training by Wexer Virtual is great innovation by their founders. The team is wonderful and content is world class. The music and videos are better than the best of instructor-led live classes! You get through your workouts without feeling bored and that too in different countries – especially the Sufferfest classes! And that helps you to work out regularly and progress towards your fitness goal each day”.

Ankur has already shown a lot of commitment, having reconstructed the club to suit virtual training in the best way possible. Overall it’s fair to say that Ankur and ARV La Fitnesse has truly done a great job introducing virtual training to the Indian fitness members. We are more than confident that the results will be positive. In fact, Ankur seems to agree; after just a few months with the Wexer Virtual platform, he is already launching virtual training in more of his clubs. A big CONGRATULATIONS from Wexer Virtual to la fitnesse.

AuthorAubrey Straton