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5 August 2019

Virtual and digital are buzzwords of the fitness world right now – so how do you harness the strong consumer appeal of this technology to bring a buzz to your own studio schedule?

Well, how does a free trial – courtesy of Wexer in partnership with STRONG 30™ – sound?

First things first, let’s properly introduce STRONG 30™.

You will no doubt already be familiar with STRONG by Zumba® – a demanding 60-minute workout that’s already available on the Wexer platform. It has been making waves in the market since it launched in late 2016, with its results-driven combination of body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training all synced to original music to keep motivation levels high and goals smashed.

STRONG 30™ has now taken this winning formula and condensed it into 30 minutes, creating a challenging total-body workout that delivers all the intensity in half the time – perfect for the new generation of high intensity enthusiasts who want results, fast.

And now gyms and health clubs have a chance to embrace the power of virtual content to introduce their members to this exciting new class.

In a world-first event, Wexer will be offering a specially created STRONG 30™ class to clubs around the world on Saturday, 14 September kicking off at 10.00am local time in each market.

Available exclusively to Wexer customers, this eye-catching premiere is sure to draw the crowds. Expect to see a global community of exercisers passing the STRONG 30™ baton from one time zone to the next, as the programme celebrates its first ever outing in a virtual format.

Even better, if you’re a Wexer customer, this exciting event will be available to you at no charge, whatever class bundle you’re currently subscribed to. Simply opt in here and the STRONG 30™ class will be available through the Wexer Player in your studio at 10.00am prompt on 14 September. But don’t be late! This is a one-time-only streamed event that will be available in this time slot only.

To find out more, please email

To find out more about bringing STRONG 30™ live classes to your schedule, email

AuthorMorten Andersen