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Creating high-touch experiences in a digital world


As Senior Vice President of National Fitness and Wellness at Invited (formerly ClubCorp), Michele Meleski brings to the table 30 years of experience across the fitness and wellness sector, from boutique studios to personal training, large fitness club operations to, now, lifestyle and country clubs.

She’s also a long-term believer in the importance of digital for a health club business, and has many pearls of wisdom to share from an operational perspective.

In this latest edition of The Wexer Podcast, Wexer CEO and podcast host Paul Bowman chats to Michele about:

  • Invited’s in-club digital success, with members already “incredibly habitual” users of scheduled and on-demand virtual classes – and even more so since the pandemic
  • The next step being mobile, driving higher touch frequency with members, creating value within the membership and giving them “something amazing whether they’re in the club or not”
  • The huge value self-produced content brings to digitally-delivered experiences, especially when it’s directly relevant to the in-person offering and members’ broader lifestyles
  • Digital as a high-value, relevant, immersive yet low-intimidation entry point
  • The growing need to personalise the fitness experience, harnessing data from a range of digital touchpoints and devices to create “thoughtful programming” that incorporates preventative and predictive analytics
  • The notable swing away from HIIT, HIIT and more HIIT to a balanced approach that incorporates restoration, recovery and mobility – both in-person and digitally
  • The need to build communities within digital experiences, as well as in-person

The Wexer Podcast sees Wexer CEO Paul Bowman speak to digital pioneers and experts from around the world, offering listeners insights and advice to support their own digital journeys. Follow the podcast, browse all episodes and listen right here.



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