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So, you want to self-produce digital content. Here’s what you need to know


Will Brereton is a 20-year veteran of the fitness industry, with a career that’s taken him from Les Mills to Beachbody to ClassPass. Specialising in content creation, business growth and digital transformation, he’s also personally presented hundreds of workout videos and coached on-camera talent around the world.

Now a leading expert and industry consultant on the evolution of digital fitness, since 2020 Will has focused on SH1FT Fitness, the digital-first group fitness format he founded in 2016.

As such, he absolutely fits the bill for The Wexer Podcast. Tune in as he shares his thoughts on…

  • The vital importance of knowing why you want to produce digital content, and which are the good and bad reasons for doing so!
  • The reality of what it takes to produce content day-in, day-out – and the fact that few operations actually have one person capable of taking on this brief.
  • The value of starting small, with a welcome series of self-produced video content that’s as much new member sales tool and community builder as anything else.
  • How hard it is to predict who will be great online, and which content will do best, because it isn’t always about which content is the best quality. You just have to look at the data.
  • Why your digital catalogue probably doesn’t have to be as big as you think it does – and why existing members are probably OK with third party content.
  • How important it is to think about powerfully launching any digital content you do go to the trouble of producing, rather than just putting it out there for member convenience.
  • Why seamlessness of the ecosystem is the next consideration for clubs, including retrofitting on-demand space into physical clubs.

The Wexer Podcast sees Wexer CEO Paul Bowman speak to digital pioneers and experts from around the world, offering listeners insights and advice to support their own digital journeys. Follow the podcast, browse all episodes and listen right here.




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