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CYBEROBICS content just got even better

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20 May 2021

Do your members love CYBEROBICS? They aren’t alone: classes from this world-beating content creator consistently rank among the top five most viewed on the Wexer platform.

All of which makes the hot news coming off the Wexer press this week particularly exciting: the launch of a dedicated CYBEROBICS Live Channel on the ‘any time, anywhere, any device’ Wexer Web Player, created especially to host new content coming across from CYBEROBICS every week day.

Yes, you read that right. This new Channel – which launches on our Web Player this week and which will be immediately accessible by all users – will feature fantastic new CYBEROBICS workout content every day, Monday to Friday. You can find it in the dedicated CYBEROBICS Live section in the channels feature on your Web Player.

There’ll be four new workouts every Monday, covering:

  • Booty (lower body, bodyweight-only)
  • Relax (stress relief and back mobilisation)
  • Box (speed, co-ordination, fat burn)
  • Tone (core, legs and butt)

Every Tuesday, it’s:

  • Pilates (full-body posture and tone)
  • Burn (HIIT)
  • Step (bodyweight intervals)
  • Recharge (cycling)

Wednesday’s line-up covers:

  • Health (gentle, full-body movements)
  • Barre (ballet-inspired stretch and strength)
  • Pump (full-body with weights)

Thursday is:

  • Flow (yoga)
  • Sweat (low-intensity intervals)
  • Strong (strength, performance and stability)

And then on Friday, you’ll get the latest workouts from the genres of:

  • Sixpack (core strength: abs, back and waist)
  • Dance (fun fat burning)
  • Back (spine stability, posture, pain prevention)

That’s 17 brand new workouts each week, each of which will stay live on our platform for seven days – i.e. until the next workout from that same genre is launched.

What better way to stay motivated in your workouts than to continually dive in to fresh new content from CYBEROBICS’ incredible influencer instructors?!

This is one every Wexer Web Player customer needs to be shouting about to its members, right now!


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AuthorMorten Andersen