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17 May 2021

Hot on the heels of announcing Wexer’s new Channels feature – whereby leading fitness influencers will be offered their own channel on the Wexer platform, starting with the Web Player – we are delighted to unveil the signing of a new influencer content partner, Alex Allan, a leading fitness professional, who will be bringing the buzz of his Lean After 30 programming to the Wexer ecosystem.

Created in response to his own loss of ‘me time’ – and with it his workout motivation – Lean After 30 is perfect for those who have limited time on their hands, but who are still looking to get into shape, at home, using minimal equipment. “Water jugs – or dumbbells if you have them – along with your bodyweight and two pieces of cardboard,” confirms Allan.

He explains: “In my 20s, fitness was my rock. It was something I promised myself I would keep in my life forever, no matter what. But in my 30s – having gained an incredible wife, two beautiful kids and with an expanding business – my ‘me time’ became almost non-existent.

“Even as my happiness in the other areas of my life grew, I started losing myself. I lost that fire inside, my motivation to work out, and ultimately my body.

“I decided to make a change and created LA30 – a method of short training sessions and simple nutrition tips that I could squeeze into the busiest of lifestyles, while maximizing results and satisfaction.

“In the first 14 weeks, I dropped 22lbs, built back my abs and got lean and fit. I’ve now lost 40lbs, am maintaining the weight loss with zero cravings, and at 45 years old the fire inside is back and burning strong.

“After talking to countless people over the age of 30, I realized I wasn’t alone in my pain surrounding how I looked and felt, so I decided to make LA30 available to others too; growing my Instagram account to over 28,000 followers in the first 5 months.

“Signing this partnership agreement with Wexer is the perfect next step, making my content available to an even broader global audience and hopefully helping even more people re-ignite their own fires.”

“We’re very excited to be bringing Alex and his efficient, effective workouts to our platform,” says Morten Andersen, Wexer’s global head of content. “He’s a hugely passionate individual who leads by example, and he has committed to regularly uploading fresh content, too, so there’ll always be something new to motivate exercisers and keep people progressing towards their own body transformation.”

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AuthorMorten Andersen