Fill your gym app with great online workouts, the easy way

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11 February 2021

Your members now expect high-quality, on-demand content as part of their membership – but collating, launching and updating this content is a Herculean task without a large team behind you.

Wexer has the perfect solution.

We’ve unlocked all the incredible virtual fitness content in our Wexer app, so you can lift it out and drop it into your own app.

Yes, really.

No doubt you’re asking yourself how this can be, and the answer is a newly launched Wexer SDK.

(For anyone not sure what an SDK is, it stands for Software Development Kit and it’s a piece of code. If an element of any app has its own SDK, it means that element can be extracted from its parent app and dropped straight in to another app.)

So, what exactly does the Wexer SDK mean for you as a gym operator?


Top quality content

You get to cherry pick from Wexer’s huge library of world-class content; we take full responsibility for negotiating with our global partners to continually refresh that content. It’s about maximum quality for your members, making exceptional workout content available to them at minimum hassle to you.

So, what content would you like? Take it all, take just specific class collections, take only the Workouts of the Day… The choice is absolutely yours.


Cost-effective solution

Our unlocked content modules aren’t only the most popular ones from the Wexer app. They’re also the ones most gym apps don’t yet have, as they’re expensive for operators to create for themselves. We’re here to save you splashing out on reinventing the wheel.


Own-brand experience

Your members can access all of this content without ever having to leave the environment of your app. They won’t even know it’s come from Wexer, as it will look and feel like your own, delivered under your brand, with your navigation, your design, colour scheme and layout.

It’s your member experience, just with content creation outsourced to us.


Easy integration

All it takes is for your tech team to write a piece of code, so our apps can ‘talk’ to each other and our content can flow into yours. General consensus says this should take around seven days.

Get in touch today at to discuss how the Wexer SDK could transform your in-app offering.

AuthorRobert Louw