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4 August 2015

Cycling classes with an instructor are the most popular virtual classes
Almost half of all virtual training users prefer the instructor-led cycling classes, show results from the Wexer Virtual Consumer Survey 2014. The survey was carried out from February 12th to March 3rd, 2014 among 6128 members from clubs in Norway, Denmark, France and the USA. Mind-body classes like yoga and pilates are the second most preferred virtual classes, followed by cardio and high-intensity classes.

Why club members choose to do virtual training?
We found out that there are 3 main reasons why gym members prefer to do virtual training.
Flexibility. Number one reason for choosing a virtual workout is the flexibility. The option of being able to do classes at any given time of the day, seems to be a key motive for gym members to attend virtual classes.
Variety. The fact that there are hundreds of classes to choose from, makes virtual training even more attractive. From cycling to yoga and zumba, a gym member has the opportunity to try out different workouts without any limitations.
Non-intimidating. The third reason for choosing virtual classes turns out to be the non-intimidating nature of the training. People that would like to try live classes see virtual training as a safe and non-intimidating way to try out group exercise before they sign up for live classes.

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AuthorMorten Andersen