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4 August 2015

More classes – more members
Offering virtual training appears to be a great marketing tool for health clubs to attract more members into their gyms. More than half of the people that took part in Wexer Virtual Global Consumer Survey earlier this year, indicated that the number of classes provided by the gym influenced their decision to join.
The concept of virtual training seems to be very well accepted and liked a lot among gym members. In fact, the vast majority (80%) of the users indicated they would recommend virtual training to others. However, the survey revealed that gym members still prefer live classes to virtual classes.

No experience with virtual training – why?
We also dug in deeper to find out more about the members that don’t use virtual training and the reasons behind that.
The survey revealed that 42% of the gym members that consider trying virtual classes, haven’t done so due to lack of information about the classes and the concept. Some of the more specific reasons include: unawareness that the gym provides virtual training; inability to find more information about the classes; or uncertainty whether they can do the classes or not.

Communicate the concept of virtual training with your members
The results illustrate the importance of a successful marketing of the virtual training concept. In fact, 91% of those that haven’t tried virtual yet think its ok to very good. So there is plenty of room to get even more members into the cycling or group X studio!

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AuthorMorten Andersen