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2 November 2021

In every field – from racing drivers (think Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block) to sports stars (think Kobe Bryant and Usain Bolt) to business visionaries (think Steve Jobs and Howard Schultz) –  there are always just a small few who stand out as truly the best of the best. Who genuinely take on global star status.

The same is true in fitness. Twenty-plus years ago, Billy Blanks took the world by storm with Tae Bo and Jane Fonda entered everyone’s living room through her workout videos. Fast-forward to today and if anything, the global fitness stars shine even brighter: the Beto Pérezes, Kayla Itsines and Joel Freemans of this world.

Yet even these global names arguably don’t hold a candle to the other group of fitness heroes: your clubs’ own training teams. How so? Because your local teams have a key advantage over any Chris Hemsworth workout, any Apple Fitness+ trainer, any Sweat by Kayla app.

They know your gym.

They know your customers.

They know your town, your football team, the local weather, the traffic lights…

You get my point.

These are the people your members fall in love with working out with. Who motivate and inspire your customers on a daily basis and keep them coming back for more.


A powerful combination

So, how do you make the most of this amazing asset? You get them to go home with your members (digitally, of course!)

Your in-house superstars are your USP in an increasingly digital world. It was they who – beamed into people’s homes over the long months of lockdown – kept your members engaged and active. They provided a friendly, familiar face in stressful times, and their workouts made people feel better. They were the bridge between your club and your members.

As we continue towards a hybrid future, we need to recognise the power these instructors and trainers now hold. They are the content creators. They are the faces your members know and the people who, through the experiences they deliver and the relationships they forge with your members, drive loyalty to your brand. They can engage large audiences and are hugely valuable.

Operators must therefore maximise the opportunities to put these local stars in front of members – and that means putting them on digital channels as well as in-club. And it’s never been easier to do, or made more business sense, than with Wexer’s mobile technology.

With Wexer, it’s so straightforward to use your teams’ content to build a digital business that supplements your membership. We’ll provide you with a platform where your self-produced content sits seamlessly alongside Wexer’s on-demand class library – a library that features 60+ global content providers, including Strong by Zumba, Daily Burn and SH1FT – to provide your members with a hugely powerful, hugely attractive online content offering that not only motivates and inspires them, but that they also relate to.

The long and short of it is this: if you’re looking for a USP versus the big digital players and the global fitness influencers who try and seduce your members away with their ‘three months for free’ offers and their Hollywood eyes, this – your team of local rockstars – is it.

It’s time to get online, take control of the entire 24/7 member journey, and combine Wexer’s global content with your local stars’ pulling power. It’s time to go ‘Glocal’.


Go Glocal today. Contact Wexer for an online assessment – info@wexer.com



AuthorJake Shand

Head of Business Development, USA