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Gympass launches new on-demand platform for its 55,000 gyms, powered by Wexer


Gympass, the world’s largest corporate fitness platform, has entered into a partnership with digital fitness expert Wexer to launch on demand options powered by GympassPlus – providing ‘any time, anywhere’ fitness solution for Gympass’ 55,000 partners across the globe. .

Founded in 2012, Gympass provides a solution to any employer wishing to offer employees a high-quality corporate wellbeing package. With a network of 55,000 partner gyms across 14 countries – a figure that’s growing all the time – employees are able to benefit from unparalleled choice.

Now, with the launch of these on demand options via GympassPlus – available to all gym and studio partners to offer on to their members, irrespective of Gympass membership tier – the corporate market leader has added a digital facet to its offering, extending its reach beyond the physical walls of fitness facilities to provide an even more varied, flexible product for their partners. Specifically, the new platform offers ‘any time, anywhere’ access to more than 500 high-quality virtual group exercise classes, all led by top instructors from around the world – the result of a white label Wexer Web Player integration.

“We recognise that creating or hosting online classes may be difficult for some of our operator partners,” says Eamon Lloyd, Senior Director – Head of Partnerships for UK&IE at Gympass. “Our partnership with Wexer forms an exciting part of the Gympass Plus offering and we are pleased to help operators fulfil the exercise needs of their members while monetising their efforts. In this way, their members can access great content, keep active and stay loyal.

“While this solution is especially impactful now when members can’t physically be in the gym, Gympass Plus is part of a long-term plan,” continues Lloyd.  “By enabling our operator partners to engage with their members who value the chance to exercise at home, Gympass Plus both elevates and enhances their service.”

Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO, adds: “Extensive research has shown the vital role physical activity plays in managing workplace stress and boosting productivity; it is critical to businesses and their employees even in ‘normal’ times.

“In extraordinary times like these, with people forced to stay at home and levels of anxiety running high, the importance of staying active – for both physical and mental health – becomes even greater.

“Wexer is therefore very proud to partner with Gympass to launch this virtual group exercise offering for its 55,000 fitness partners around the world, helping them retain their membership base through these difficult times.”


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