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Imagine if…. we could influence the 80% to be active

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28 January 2018

By Paul Bowman

Imagine if we could influence the 80% to be active.

The 80% who currently veer away from any form of regular activity.

OK, so it may not be 80% in your market. It may be 70%. It may be 50%. But whatever the figure, in pretty much every developed nation around the world there’s a significant proportion of the population who aren’t finding the thing – the form of exercise – that gets them hooked and on a path towards an active lifestyle.

Why’s that? Well in part, it could be because the gym is routinely pushed out there as the solution when it might not be… at least not at first. This may be hard to hear, but we have to accept that gyms may not be the first port of call for everyone.

But that doesn’t mean the expertise and motivational support found within those gyms have no role to play here. They absolutely do. We just have to find a way to package it all up and deliver it in a compelling, accessible way to those who haven’t yet engaged with the gym, whether their reasons are confidence, geography, cost, time, or something else altogether that’s somehow holding them back.

And this is our mission at Wexer. This is what we aim to do. Through our Wexer Mobile app, we have the ability to take the huge value that gyms have to offer beyond the walls of their facilities and into the lives of non-gym goers. No pressure to look the part among the regulars. No need to even travel to a club. Just a huge choice of activities and the chance to tap into support from the experts… all done in a place that’s convenient to you, at a time that suits you.

This is what our digital memberships are all about: taking the essence of your health club offering out to people wherever they are. It’s about using technology to make world-class exercise accessible to more people – and even if it doesn’t engage everyone, it will engage some. It’s one more step towards bringing down the barriers to participation, towards a more active population.

This is our vision and I believe it’s achievable. After all, we have the technology. It’s now up to us: we as a sector have to decide to make it happen – together.

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AuthorPaul Bowman