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Is it time to leave Instagram and create your own online fitness platform?


Have you been using third-party platforms – Instagram, for example – to share workout content with your customers while they’ve been stuck at home during lockdown?

Are you now looking for a longer-term solution that allows you to put your content behind a paywall, under your own brand?

Are you keen to wrestle back control so you own the data, and with it the customer insights that will allow you to personalise the experience?

If so, there’s good news from Wexer. At the beginning of June, we’ll be introducing a new feature into our highly popular Web Player that will allow you to upload and have full control over your own content on the platform.

A quick back-pedal for those not yet familiar with the Wexer Web Player. This password-protected, white label web portal gives users access to 600+ on-demand virtual group exercise classes that they can do any time, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device. All classes are led by the world’s top instructors, are music licence-free, and cover categories from HIIT to yoga, meditation to strength and conditioning, cycling to boxing to dance… the list goes on, with all levels of experience catered for.

And now, the Web Player will also feature a new section – Web Player Connect – where you can upload whatever video content you’d like to share with your members, whether that’s exercise classes led by your in-house superstars or complementary content such as nutrition workshops and guided meditation sessions.

In phase one, all Web Player Connect content will be on-demand; phase two will include an option to live stream classes too.

We’ve taken this opportunity to create a new user interface too, with a fresh look and feel that looks perfect on a screen of any size.


On the new home page, look out for:

  • The brand new Connect section, which is right at the top of the page. This is where the latest videos from your own teams will be shown, so they’re the first thing your members see.
  • Class of the day, and Featured workouts, which you can select – either on the day or by scheduling your choices in advance – to keep your members engaged and challenged with new workouts.
  • The different class Collections into which our 600+ content provider classes are categorised. As before, you can choose which of these to include and/or highlight to your members.


We’ve made it easier for you to maximise the impact of all this content in your marketing too, as every single class and class collection now has its own URL. That means you can now share your ‘Class of the day’ on social media, for example, with a link that members can click to take them straight to that workout on your Web Player.

All new Web Players created from early June onwards will include Web Player Connect and the new user interface as standard. Existing Web Player customers will receive a complimentary upgrade – encompassing the new UI and Web Player Connect – between now and the end of July.

To find out more, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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