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Gyms have proved they can produce good online content. Let’s not limit it to fitness.


Lockdown has quickly proved how creative the fitness sector can be. We’ve seen gyms switch to a digital model almost overnight. We’ve seen new online superstars emerge from within gyms’ own core teams. We’ve seen digital content fill the market, and the screens of those stuck at home.

As gyms now prepare to re-open, it’s important that this momentum is continued. Now is not the time for a breather. We must take consumers’ interest in our online content and up our game even further. We must innovate and evolve to serve even more people, even more often, at an even deeper level.

And that means looking at new ways to support members outside of the gym space. Understanding their 360° needs. Responding to these diverse needs in the content we provide. Thinking out of the box, creating not only great online workouts but also a whole range of supplementary lifestyle content.

And we know gyms – and their superstar instructors and trainers – are up to the task. All that’s needed is a channel through which to share it all. One that moves gyms away from a reliance on Instagram and YouTube and into an ownable, monetisable space.

Step forward Web Player Connect – a new feature in Wexer’s popular Web Player – which provides gyms with their own TV channel through which to share whatever content they choose to create.

With this new feature, launched as a free upgrade for all Wexer Web Players, gyms can now offer members password-protected access to 600+ music licence-free on-demand classes, all led by top instructors from around the world, as well as to their own portfolio of bespoke content. All accessible any time, anywhere, on one (optionally paywalled) white-labelled platform.

So really, the only question is how you’ll use Connect in your club – and the opportunities are endless. Here are just a few suggestions to set your imagination flowing.


Nutritional support

From expert talks on all aspects of nutrition – macros to vitamins, healthy fats to questions around carbs – to tips on weekly food shopping, and even step-by-step cookery lessons direct from one of your team’s kitchen, help your members understand how the right food can support them in achieving their goals, and how to practically implement healthy nutrition in their lives.


Meditation workshops

Life won’t be going back to normal any time soon, so people’s stress levels remain high. Mental health must therefore stay at the heart of what gyms deliver, and offering meditation workshops for members to do in the peace and quiet of their own homes is a great place to start.


Lifestyle advice

Maybe you have an instructor or in-house specialist who’s passionate about a particular topic. It might be managing lower back pain or exercise during pregnancy. It might be ‘why you should try HIIT’ or tips on exercising from home. It might even be lifestyle topics, such as how to make a career change or tips on keeping teenagers away from screens during summer holidays. Whatever the expertise of your team, there’s now a way to share it and add value to your members.


Niche & popular workouts

You know your members and their preferences better than anyone. Do you get requests for more niche classes – bellydancing or Bollywood – that aren’t really served in the Player’s on-demand library, and that you probably wouldn’t add to your in-club timetable? At the other end of the scale, are there really popular in-club classes that you want to share more of, making sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy them? Here’s your chance to share them with members through your own white-labelled platform (just be careful of music licensing).


Familiarisation & confidence building

Would you like to create beginners’ sessions where you introduce new exercisers to pieces of equipment in the gym? Web Player Connect is your stage.


Superstar workouts

Want to harness the superstar power of your top trainers to create workouts of the day? Web Player Connect allows you to upload a class and schedule its release for a particular time. Bodyweight circuits with Charlie at 7.00am every morning? No problem! You create the content, Web Player Connect will share it with members in a ‘feels like live’ experience at the time of your choosing.


To find out more about Web Player Connect, please contact us at info@wexer.com











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