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“I’ve been there before and I know what’s coming.” Meet Sam Aldred, Wexer’s new APAC head

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25 September 2020

Wexer is expanding its operations in the APAC region with the opening of a new regional head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

The office is led by newly appointed head of APAC business development, Sam Aldred, who joins Wexer from his role as head of virtual products at Les Mills International. The Auckland team will now expand to include local marketing and business development departments, allowing Wexer to comprehensively service the APAC region and help local operators embrace the full potential of a hybrid model.

Aldred brings with him a wealth of digital experience from a 15-year career spanning everything from music to mobile telephony to virtual fitness. In his own words…

“I started my career in the music industry, where I experienced first-hand what digital disruption means for a sector – the impact it can have even on a buoyant industry like music.

“I then moved to Vodafone at a time when mobile phone providers fancied themselves as the owners of content: as far back as 2008, we were live streaming All Blacks games and other TV services, as well as streaming music and video. Of course, the arrival of the iPhone – with its full access to the internet – totally disrupted that content model. 

“In my next role, as head of digital services at Samsung, I spearheaded the development of smart TV ecosystems, video on demand, deals with Netflix and Spotify and really grew my knowledge of the broader APAC region.

“And then, after a period as a digital consultant, I joined  Les Mills – a fascinating opportunity to work with a true expert in the creation of world-class content. It also came at a dynamic time for the company, with the  Les Mills Media team driving the development of a full suite of B2B digital products – virtual, immersive (TRIP) and the Les Mills Virtual bike – as well as the D2C offering Les Mills on Demand.”

He continues: “My  broad digital experience now allows me to quickly identify and understand what’s happening in the fitness industry. We often talk about tech disrupting our sector, but having lived through the disruption of music, my observation is that fitness is better placed. It has been disrupted further along the digital curve, so we aren’t having to wait five years for our equivalent of Spotify to be developed. We already have solutions at our disposal to keep gym businesses relevant and viable – Wexer among them. We’ve already created digital opportunities for ourselves – opportunities to speak to members outside of the club, for example, through at-home fitness provision. That’s something we never had before.

“So, I absolutely see this as a time of opportunity for health clubs, and I look forward to working with operators across the APAC region to ensure this opportunity is embraced. What I bring to the table, and to the conversation, is the insight of someone who has been there before and knows what happens next.” 


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AuthorPaul Bowman