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Online fitness content: You don’t have to be perfect


Are you sweating the detail of your online workout production?

If so, consider this: People only do the same online class twice before they look for something new. This compared to doing the same in-club virtual class eight times. In-club it’s about the social. Online it’s all about variety.

Of course, we aren’t saying you should bash out sub-standard content. Do that and you will quickly lose out-of-club member engagement, and arguably in-club too if your online content undermines perceptions of brand quality.

However, there’s certainly a sweet spot to be found: a point at which content is good enough.

Good enough to engage members.

To motivate them when they aren’t in the club.

To give them a safe, effective workout.

To uphold the community vibe.

To keep them coming back for more.

But not necessarily perfect. Not the sort of perfect that involves big budgets, meticulous planning of camera angles, high-spec lighting, multiple cuts and retakes to eradicate any sign of mistakes, extensive polishing in post-production before it gets anywhere near a screen.

Sure, your digital content strategy may well involve a bit of close-to-perfect content, perhaps shot at HQ and featuring your rockstars. The sort of content you might even use in overflow areas in-club.

But let’s go back to that 2 x stat and ask the obvious question: why sweat the minute detail when a member will take part in an online class maximum twice?

Why paralyse ourselves into inaction, daunted by the costly prospect of producing perfect content?

Why not focus instead on cost-effectively producing a steady stream of new, good enough content?

Because in the end, members want to see their instructor on-screen delivering their favourite class. They don’t mind a jumbling of words, a bit of laughter, an off-beat step or pedal strike. It all adds to the feeling of a live experience.

So, we need to stop thinking perfection and start thinking regularity. And this is where Wexer’s Web Player – and specifically the Connect feature within it ­– come into play.

A free upgrade for all Web Player customers, what Connect does is effectively hand operators their own TV channel – a platform through which you can share your own content with your members, both live streamed and on-demand. And it’s incredibly easy to use: film a class or workout (mobile phone quality is just fine), upload, schedule when you want it to go live… and that’s it. It really is that simple.

So, empower your trainers. Give them the confidence to do what they do best – instruct classes and engage members – without worrying about perfection in a way they never would for an in-person class. Focus on regularity of fresh content, rather than perfection of content, to maintain your member experience and community vibe beyond club walls.

Just get content out there into members’ hands.

Because sometimes good enough is… well, good enough.


To find out more about Web Player Connect, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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