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25 November 2019

January. It’s the month that can set your fitness business up for the year – that influx of new year’s resolution joiners who are yours to convert into loyal, long-term members – but that simultaneously sends existing members into deep despair as their favourite classes become wait-listed and queues form for treadmills.

How will you strike a balance this January, both welcoming the new and showing appreciation for the loyal?

The key, amid the busy-ness of the month, is to stay focused on the member experience, ensuring that new members are wowed and that satisfaction levels among existing members go beyond being maintained – in itself a challenge in January – to actually rise.

So, what are you doing to create a great member experience against the backdrop of the January crowds? What preparations are you putting in place?

Ultimately, as the number of people trying to access your services and facilities peak, capacity will be the over-riding factor in determining customer satisfaction – and this is where digital comes into its own.

Let’s start with virtual fitness classes, the perfect way to maximise the value of your existing group exercise studios. Got classes that are majorly over-subscribed, but no option to run more live classes? Not a problem. Install Wexer Virtual and you’ll instantly have over 1,000 world-class workouts at your disposal, all ready to turn your studio into a round-the-clock hive of activity, with back-to-back classes – scheduled, on-demand or a mix of both – to ensure everyone gets a chance to do the workout they want.

You might like to add Wexer Beat too – our heart rate training solution for both live and virtual classes – to help ensure members not only get to do the classes they want to do, but that they also get the results they want from them.

Then there’s Wexer Broadcast, a turnkey solution that allows you to live stream classes not only between clubs in your estate – should you have multiple sites – but also from a studio that’s full-to-bursting to other spaces in your club, where members who might otherwise be waitlisted still get to enjoy their chosen class, live, in the motivational company of other members.

It’s also the case that some members – especially existing ones – may choose to stay away during January, frustrated by the experience in-club. So, how can you ensure this dissatisfaction is turned to satisfaction before the rot sets in and membership cancellation starts to be considered? By providing them with a solution that recognises their feelings and their needs, allowing them to carry on with their favourite workouts away from the club, and still under your expert guidance. Step forward the Wexer Web Player, a password-protected, white label web portal that allows members to stream their choice of hundreds of world-beating virtual classes – any time, anywhere, to any internet-enabled device.

And there is still time to put this in place before the January rush.

Harness the power of digital to drive member satisfaction at your club and get ready to enjoy your most successful January yet.


  • Order by Monday December 2nd to have your virtual player installed by January 1st 2020
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AuthorPaul Bowman