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MegaMace & Wexer: Creating virtual superstars


Great group exercise instructors inspire high levels of member loyalty. That much is well known.

Until now, though, it’s been assumed that such loyalty can only really be built up via direct personal relationships – that is, in live instructor-led classes.

That assumption is now being challenged by premier fitness production studio MegaMace – the producer of high quality virtual classes for such well-known brands as Cyberobics, Beach Body and Daily Burn. In a brand new venture that will see MegaMace create its own virtual class content, the virtual instructor will be put centre stage. The objective: to bring the virtual class experience as close to a live class experience as possible, by creating a sense of direct and personal connection between instructor and exerciser.

Gone are the distracting backgrounds and the backing troupes of additional instructors. In its place, an attractive but simple workout space in which the on-screen instructor is the absolute focus – and the end user feels the instructor is absolutely focused on them.

The style of instruction is very personal – not only the way the films are shot, homing in on the instructor, but in the way the instructor interacts with the camera, talking directly to the end user in a continual chat of instruction and advice, interweaved with personal stories and anecdotes.

It really is as if it’s just you and the instructor, and it’s hoped exercisers will therefore begin to choose their virtual classes based on instructor loyalty – not just class content – in exactly the same way people follow their favourite live instructors, whatever classes they instruct.

Available exclusively through Wexer and due for imminent launch, MegaMace classes will span a wide range of disciplines. The first collection, known as The LOFT SERIES, will feature 15 classes – pilates, cycling, boxing, conditioning and HIIT – to introduce users to the MegaMace approach.

Further collections will follow, with 20 new classes set to launch every quarter, including some progressive courses.

For further information, please contact karen.mason@wexer.com



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