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The cycling classes that use AI to generate the perfect virtual footage


Designed by your instructors, powered by Intelligent Cycling, delivered by Wexer.


A cycling workout that’s designed and led by your usual favourite instructor, but where the entertainment factor is taken up a notch thanks to the virtual reality journey unfurling on the screen at the front of the class? That’s a big tick in the box for your member experience.


Being able to provide this through the same robust, reliable Wexer technology that the world’s leading operators already depend on for the delivery of their virtual classes? That’s a big tick in the box for the glitch-free operation of your club – and with it member satisfaction.


And all this will be possible very soon thanks to a new partnership between Intelligent Cycling and Wexer.


This partnership will make the Intelligent Cycling app – and all its functionality, including instructor-led builds – available within a new, enhanced version of the Wexer Player that will feature a section specially designed for apps.


So how does it work?


Say you’re an instructor who has a cycling class to run – in a few hours, tomorrow, whenever. You log in to a password-protected portal where you’re offered the choice of a number of pre-set classes – but also the option to build your own class. You get to choose what intervals to do and at what intensity. You can even link up with Spotify, or your own music library on Dropbox, to create the perfect soundtrack.


Intelligent Cycling then takes this and turns it into a magical Journey, using artificial intelligence (AI) to overlay futuristic footage that directly correlates with the intensity of your workout: hit a tough interval, for example, and you’ll see the track suddenly rise ahead of you into an uphill climb.


Once you’re in the club delivering your class, this Journey is shown on the big screen at the front of the studio. Every participant is drawn into this virtual world – one that perfectly complements the direction and words of encouragement coming from you. The combined effect is so motivational, so engaging, that members don’t even notice how hard they’re working.


And if you decide it was a particularly good class, you can select it again the next time you log in – but the system will overlay different visuals, so it feels like a totally different class to avoid any boredom setting in among the members.


So far so good, and something users of Intelligent Cycling have always been able to do.


But whereas previously these Journeys tended to be delivered via an internet-connected laptop in the studio – with all the risks of disruption and disconnection that comes with it – now each instructor-built class will be loaded and ready on the world-class Wexer player, just waiting to be played, seamlessly and without interruption.


Not only that, but if you want to offer Intelligent Cycling as a self-contained virtual class – not requiring an instructor – this is also possible. Five such virtual classes are already available on the Wexer platform, with more to come.


And, of course, you’ll also benefit from the 900+ other amazing virtual classes available through the Wexer platform.


It really is the best of both worlds: enhanced live classes, and a world-beating selection of virtual classes.


For more information about these classes please contact morten@wexer.com



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