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4 August 2015

We’re proud to present even more content partners as well as more new videos from existing partners.
Induro Cycling is one of our brand new partners and they certainly put a new spin on the indoor cycling workouts. Experience amazing soundtracks, fantastic virtual instructors, and cycling videos from ALL OVER THE WORLD! Check it out here [wexervirtual link] or visit Induro Cycling’s website:
Another new content partner of ours is Keiser TV, who produces high-quality Spanish cycling and indoor walking videos that will kick your “culo” !! Read more [insert wexervirtual link]
From CATHE we are opening an additional 8 fantastically vigorous workouts. These include great titles such as “Rockout Knockout” and targeted workouts like “Great Glutes” and “Lean Legs and Abs”. On top of this, Gaiam is introducing Spanish videos ranging from high intensity cardio workouts to mindful yoga and pilates classes.
We are also proud to present a new round of our very own Wexer Virtual Cycling videos. All eighteen of these (9 English, 9 Danish) include updated graphics and heart-pounding programs among others with our new Canadian and British instructors. All of the above videos are included in the Basic Content Package.
As if the above wasn’t enough, we have just one more thing to add….From today, ONE MORE VIRTUAL ACTIVE VIDEO will be included in the Basic Content Package, AND it features instructions, pushing you just a little further than the non-instructed videos!
All of this is going to hugely open up your selections for members in the group x studio and not least in the cycling studio!

AuthorDavid Packman