Online fitness: You can lead a horse to water. Here’s how to ensure it also drinks.

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4 June 2020

So, you’ve made the decision to go digital.

You’ve taken your first step towards an online/offline, digital/physical hybrid model.

In doing so, you’ve made important inroads into future-proofing your health club business.

Congratulations on the pivot!

Specifically, you’re limbering up to launch a white labelled Wexer Web Player – an exciting new platform that will allow your members to access over 500 group exercise classes, on-demand, any time, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device.

Congratulations on responding to consumers’ fast-changing exercise behaviours!

The question now is this: how will you market this new extension of your offering? How will you ensure your members are aware of, and benefiting from, what you’ve done? How are you maximising the impact and usage of your new platform?

These are vital questions to ask because, with COVID flipping everything on its head, it’s arguably even more important to have a competitive advantage in your home fitness offering than in your club-based offering these days. You have to gear up for this to become the bread and butter of how your members consume your services.

So, how will you hook users into your online platform? How will you signpost so they quickly create new habits? How will you help them find their new favourite classes, as well as keeping them engaged with fresh new inspiration, so they keep coming back for more?

Wexer is here to help, with a member engagement toolkit just waiting for you to use.

Engagement emails are just one aspect of this toolkit, spanning the full spectrum of education, motivation and inspiration to give your members all the ‘reasons why’ they need to take the online plunge.

There are simple tips to get them started: how to navigate the Web Player; how to set up for home fitness; a glossary of terms so they can quickly spot their perfect workout.

There’s workout inspiration in the shape of class recommendations; challenges; seven-day workout plans; ‘why this type of workout is great for you’.

The list goes on.

Even better, it’s all available to you, free of charge, as a Wexer Web Player customer. We’re here to support you in supporting your members.

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AuthorKaren Mason