2 Reasons Why Virtual Fitness Will Ensure Your Gym Stays Ahead Of The Curve

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28 July 2016


Remain Competitive, with Virtual Fitness

By Kim Napolitano


The current consumer of fitness has changed. While many people still look to a traditional gym to achieve their fitness goals, a large percentage of people now engage with high quality digital fitness solutions, such as wearable technology and virtual fitness.


Today, people simply want flexibility, convenience and variety. However, this can be a challenge for many clubs, especially those in rural locations, or smaller facilities with limited studio space and even clubs in hotels. At Wexer, we believe virtual fitness enables all club groups to remain competitive and effectively engage this new era of consumers:


  1. Virtual fitness enables clubs to deliver not only high quality fitness content, but current fitness content.

We are increasingly exposed to new trends that promise big results, for example Barre and functional fitness. With Wexer, you can capitalize on these trends and offer a comprehensive group exercise schedule which meets members’ demands. We work with the most popular and established content brands in the market, as well as new, innovative and specialist content providers. This provides our partners with a unique range of classes they have never been able to offer before!


  1. Inspire your instructors!

With Wexer, your members can access world-class instructors in almost any discipline. Not only does this inspire and motivate members to exercise, but it can inspire your group exercise instructors too. More recently we are seeing an increasing amount of club groups combining virtual with live instruction, either to make the live class even more engaging or to allow instructors to interact with participants. Our research shows that by combining live group exercise with virtual, club groups are increasing their value proposition and therefore engaging different member segments.


Define your goal

For virtual fitness to be successful, you need to define the goal of your virtual offering. In rural areas it may be to increase usage by offering new and varied group exercise classes? Whereas hotels and spas may want to engage with different member segments? Whatever your goal, we offer a huge range of fitness content for specific audiences to ensure your business remains competitive!


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AuthorDaniel Waide