How to turn data into actionable insights

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14 July 2016

By Daniel Waide, National Manager (US) for Wexer Virtual

Turn data into actionable insights

I was recently reading a report “Big Success from Big Data,” which found that almost 90% of respondents who have launched at least one big data project see it as a way to significantly improve business operations, and 85% believe big data will dramatically change the way businesses will operate.

Data can be a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, but only if club groups know what kind of data to collect and how to use the most important pieces of information.

We currently have access to more data than at any other point in history. This data can provide a clear path to leap frog your competitors and improve internal operations. However, companies need the right tools and processes in place to translate this data into actionable insights.

At Wexer we have created a mobile solution that provides clubs groups with big data. Allowing them to unlock previously hidden insights about their members, enable faster and more informed decisions, drive new innovations and build forward-looking plans for the future.

Fitness remains an execution business. We have seen that companies who prioritise the analysis of data are the ones that find an edge in the market. The document above shoes an overview of how club groups can transform data into actionable insights, and with a smartphone in every pocket, understanding member data is crucial to acquiring and retaining consumers in today’s digital world.

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