Blue Gym Success Story

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21 May 2015


Blue Gym was founded in 2010 in New Delhi, India. The club is dedicated to providing better health through better facilities. The health club currently operates 3 gyms with a total of 2,500 members. Empowered with fitness connoisseurs, the health club strives to deliver the best services when it comes to fitness.



  • Lack of good group X instructors
  • No growth in membership
  • High percentage of downtime
  • High instructor cost

The biggest challenge for Blue Gym was to get the right instructors to conduct good group exercise classes, as the travel time for the instructors is long and the cost is too high.

“Thats why virtual classes are a convenient option. At Blue Gym we see a bright future with VIRTUAL group X classes which are more vibrant and energetic.”

Blue Gym decided to introduce virtual training to their members with the Wexer Virtual Basic Player with group X & cycling classes.



  • More classes
  • Better membership retention
  • More sales and renewals
  • Less cost

“Our members are excited – Blue Gym is the first club in Vaishali superb to conduct virtual group X classes.”

Since introducing virtual training, Blue Gym has a better retention rate as well as a substantial increase in new sales. Blue Gym is also the first fitness centre in India to start Les Mills Virtual RPM.

What is your favourite thing about Wexer Virtual? – ‘The friendly approach and willingness to help’


AuthorDavid Packman