Bodyworks Success Story

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21 May 2015


Bodyworks was founded in 2004 in Beckley, West Virginia in the USA. The club is dedicated to restoring quality to life. This guiding vision includes integrating prevention and wellness strategies to improve quality of life.


  • Lack of qualified instructors
  • Lack of classes during the whole day

The biggest challenge for Bodyworks was offering live classes only in the evenings while members requested classes at various times of the day.

“We needed classes to be available every day, but could not find qualified instructors to teach. With Wexer Virtual, members can take classes on their schedule, anytime – day or night.”

Bodyworks decided to introduce virtual training to their members with 2 On Demand Players with group X classes.


  • Variety of classes offered
  • Happier club members

After introducing the Wexer Virtual platform, the club now offers a variety of classes that is great for members at all levels of fitness.

“I love the simplicity of using the website to upload videos and put in live classes. Any questions we have are quickly answered and customer service is great.”

What is your favourite thing about Wexer Virtual? – “Customer service is wonderful. They are quick to answer any question we have.”


AuthorDavid Packman