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SH1FT into a new gear and get “fit for life”


As we continue to shine a spotlight on our global content providers, allow us to introduce you to SH1FT Fitness.

SH1FT stands for Smart High Intensity & Functional Training, and its workouts are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time – all of which may sound rather similar to a lot of fitness content out there.

But in fact, SH1FT Fitness does things quite differently…

Waging war on the stereotypical, unrealistic images of what fitness is “meant” to look like, SH1FT Fitness focuses not on how you look but on how you feeland importantly, how you can continue to feel amazing as you age, in the body you’re in, still doing all the things you love.

Indeed, its mission is to build a global community that strives for ‘Fitness for Life’ – and that gets a big thumbs-up from us.


Principles worth sticking to

In line with this mission, every SH1FT Fitness workout is designed around four key principles:


Fitness for life, not just for summer!

SH1FT believes fitness is about feeling great in your own skin… for the long term.


Train smarter, not harder

Hard work doesn’t have to be hard on your body, says the team at SH1FT Fitness.Let’s face it – it’s great to be able to do a tuck-jump right now, but it’s more important to be able to pick yourself up off the floor when you’re in your 70s. That’s why our workouts focus on functional movements that make you feel great now while also allowing you to stay ‘fit for life’.”

Smart, safe, simple progressions ensure all workouts are scalable and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


For anybody, with any body

Workouts are designed to be non-intimidating, simple, inclusive – and dare we say it, fun.

Out go the fitness models and the beachbody-ready before and afters, in come workout videos featuring real people – of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and fitness levels – and instructors who are inspiring and motivational but who, in spite of being world-leading, also know how to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously.

There’s also a strong emphasis on working at your own level and using modifications: “It’s not about being the best, it’s about doing your best.”


Have fun!

The unique workouts have themes like 80s aerobics, gridiron, tennis and surfing “because enjoyment and fun are just as important as the physical benefits of exercise. If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness while having fun and maybe even letting out a few laughs, then our classes are the right choice for you.”


A segmented approach

At Wexer, we also love the way SH1FT segments its workouts into distinct, identifiable concepts. As online workout content continues to proliferate, we believe this sort of clarity is key, helping exercisers get exactly what they want, every single time.

In the case of SH1FT Fitness, that means:



Smart HIIT and functional training workouts that use bodyweight as a tool to develop speed, balance, agility and overall athletic fitness. Each unique class takes its theme from the world of sport and movement, including track and field, football and Winter Olympics, alongside some classic bodyweight HIIT and impact-free options.

Who’s it for: Perfect for those who want to get started with exercise at home but lack experience or equipment. All workouts contain modified / low-impact options for beginners, with options to progress and work harder for regular exercisers.

Recommended class: Ultimate HIIT Cardio Ladder Challenge  

Prepare to get a serious sweat on as you race yourself to the finish line in LADDER RACING! With no need for any equipment, this workout stacks six moves in a series of ladders to challenge your cardio fitness, coordination and memory and keep neuromuscular connections firing on all cylinders.


L1FT (strength & conditioning)

Training with weights to build a strong, healthy body, sculpting lean muscle and turning you into a fat-burning machine long after the workout is over. Each session uses smart, safe, progressive movements to ensure no fitness level is left behind, and training protocols that ensure you never get bored.

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants to stay strong and healthy, with programming designed around hand weights to easily accommodate home workouts. Expect simple movement patterns programmed in smart and unique ways, so you get the most out of your workout time but without complex or intimidating lifts.

Recommended class: FULL BODY Strength Challenge

Feel like a challenge? In this full body strength and conditioning workout, you get to compete against the only person that matters: yourself.


R1ZE (Step)

A modern take on a classic piece of kit, in these workouts the step can act as anything from a jump box to an exercise bench to an obstacle, with multi-dimensional functional movements that deliver a full-body interval blast. Forget everything you think you know about the stepper!

Who’s it for: Workouts cover all bases of fitness and are perfect if you like working with bodyweight but want to avoid repetitive impact. The most varied of all SH1FT Fitness formats, workouts range from no-impact strength to speed and agility – but as always, there’s no requirement to move to any beat but your own!

Recommended class: 12 Minute Co-ordination


R1DE (indoor cycling)

A 30-minute, beat-based cardio workout on a bike – any bike – that’s high-intensity but low-impact. Blending the best of boutique cycle and performance riding into a single class, these workouts feature specially created (royalty-free/rights-included) music to simultaneously drive intensity and encourage play.

Who’s it for: Perfect for those who want to lose themselves on the bike for 30 minutes (or less). Every minute is designed to maximise effort, sweat and connection with the music and is a great no-impact way to get in 30 minutes of cardio fitness.

Recommended class: 30 Minute Ride #5

Blend power and pace in this 30-minute HIIT ride, designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.


M1ND (mind-body)

Designed to complement an active lifestyle, M1ND draws its inspiration from sports, yoga, calisthenics and rehabilitation, with each unique session including elements from one or more of these disciplines – but with a central theme of connection between mind and movement.

Who’s it for: As zero impact workouts, these classes are the ideal entry point for older populations or those brand new to working out. Meanwhile, for regular exercisers, M1ND workouts are perfect for recovery days and to complement other workouts and forms of exercise, making you more mobile and functional.

Recommended class: 30 Minute Mobilise, Stretch & Strengthen

This signature M1ND workout begins with a heat-building mobility section that introduces movement to the muscles and joints, followed by stability work to build confidence and proprioception, and finishes with a relaxing stretch and lengthen.


To find out more about SH1FT Fitness, Wexer, and the many other world-class content providers available through our ecosystem, contact us at info@wexer.com



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