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Wexer unveils new app to enhance ‘any time, anywhere’ fitness offering


Wexer has today unveiled a new mobile app that acts as a partner product for its hugely popular ‘any time, anywhere’ white labelled Web Player.

The app brings with it a range of new benefits for operator and end user alike – but before we dive into the details, a quick recap of the Web Player.

The Wexer Web Player was designed to give fitness operators an easy-to-implement digital platform that would allow them to put their fitness experiences at customers’ fingertips 24/7, while also owning the experience and being able to charge for it should they wish.

A white labelled web application, the bread and butter of the Web Player is the access it provides to Wexer’s constantly refreshed library of over 1,000 on-demand classes from global content partners – all searchable and presented in collections and influencer-led channels to ensure users can quickly find the content they want.

Alongside all of this sits Connect, a dedicated area of the Web Player that’s unique to each operator. Connect allows operators to upload and stream their own self-produced content – both live-streamed and on-demand, creating content libraries that feature their in-house rockstar instructors – to create personalised, bespoke experiences that perfectly connect with and engage their members. From live streams of over-subscribed classes to mindfulness workshops, cookery classes to nutrition seminars, it all has a home in Connect.

And the great benefit is that everything sits together under one white labelled umbrella – self-produced content and third-party library for strength in depth – on a platform that can be password-protected and paywalled, offered as a standalone portal or embedded into the operator’s app, driving ownership and monetisation options for the operator.

Meanwhile, for the end user, it’s all about convenience and flexibility: Web Player content is accessible any time, anywhere, on any connected device, meaning people can work out wherever they want, whenever suits them.

And now, with the launch of the new Web Player app – available on iOS and Android – the whole experience becomes more flexible still.

Optimised for mobile

As a partner product for the Wexer Web Player, the new app is available as part of a Web Player bundle, with each operator’s app adopting the same design theme as its Web Player for consistency of user experience.

All Web Player content and features – including live-streamed and on-demand Connect content, Class of the Day, Channels and Collections – are accessible via the app, delivering a slick user experience for those wanting to tap in to the content via their mobile phones.

The app also offers enhanced casting functionality, enabling users to cast cross-platform should the need arise: irrespective of whether they’re using an Android or Apple phone, app users can cast to either an AirPlay or a Chromecast-enabled device. Via the website, by contrast, someone on an iPhone can only cast to Apple TV, and an Android phone user only to a Chromecast-enabled device.

And so the benefit for end users is enhanced convenience and flexibility, ensuring people enjoy the best possible experience however they choose to access the content and classes on their club’s Web Player: via the website on their computer, laptop or tablet, or via the new app on their mobile phone.


Personalising the message

For the operator, meanwhile, the new app brings the added benefit of being able to send push notifications. End users are asked to opt in to these notifications, but once that’s done – once members have been sold on the benefits of receiving alerts about the classes they love and their live streams about to start – these notifications can be automated and even set up to target specific audiences.

Furthermore, these targeted audiences can be built around behavioural data collected by the app – sending a message to all users who’ve done a specific live class, for example, or to all users who haven’t used the app in the last seven days.

It all adds up to even greater end user convenience, an optimised experience across every touchpoint, and enhanced marketing opportunities for operators.


Get in touch now to find out more about the new app, and the option to bundle it in with the Wexer Web Player: info@wexer.com






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