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The 3 types of content you need for your online fitness platform


There are a number of ‘must-have’ factors when it comes to online fitness provision, but top of the list has to be variety.

We know that people only do the same online class twice before they look for something new. This compared to doing the same in-club virtual class eight times. In-club it’s about the social. Online it’s all about variety.

So, online requires strength in depth to be sustainable, with multiple class options available in every class type and every length. It’s why we advise operators not to go it alone – because it’s very tough to create enough online content that every unique member has something fresh to do every day.

It’s why we talk about Three Strands of Online Content.

  1. Self-produced, on-demand content – featuring gyms’ own trainers and available for members to do at a time to suit them.
  2. Live streamed content – live workouts led by gyms’ top superstars.
  3. Aggregated content – rich libraries of on-demand content from recognised global providers.

You need all three of these strands to engage all audiences on an ongoing basis. Lockdown has shown the power of gyms’ own talent, and while the majority of workouts are still done on-demand – flexibility remains king in people’s lives – we know that live streaming delivers high levels of engagement. But very few operators have the budgets or capacity to produce enough content themselves; aggregated content should therefore be the bedrock of every online platform.

This is where we want to make two very important observations.

First, this isn’t just about lockdown. The hybrid model is here to stay, whether clubs are locked down or open for business; clubs wanting to thrive have no choice but to own the new digital dimension of their member experience.

Second, given this, the sooner operators move towards an all-encompassing digital fitness platform – one they can brand as their own, and where all three strands of the online offering can live in one place – the better. The better the member experience, the better the brand loyalty, the better future-proofed the business.

And that platform isn’t hard to create. Indeed, it already exists.

That platform is the Web Player – the perfect digital engagement tool for operators to connect with and support members wherever they are.

With the launch of its new live streaming functionality, available now to all Web Player customers, operators can partner with Wexer to deliver all three strands of their online content within one own-branded, password-protected, monetisable platform.

Allow us to briefly explain how the three strands work on the ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ Web Player.

  1. Self-produced, on-demand content – launched earlier this year, Web Player Connect is available to all Web Player customers at no extra cost. Effectively handing operators their own TV channel, Connect sits at the top of the Web Player home page – clearly visible as soon as members log in – and allows operators to create and share whatever content they choose with their members, from workouts to nutrition seminars, virtual cook-alongs to mindfulness workshops. Easy to upload and schedule, content can be made available on-demand or even ‘as live’.
  2. Live streamed content – the new live streaming functionality, also sitting within the Connect zone of the Web Player, allows members to log on to their club’s password-protected platform and take part in live streamed classes run by its superstar instructors. Crucially, by hosting these workouts within the Web Player, they’re delivered in a space that’s branded to – and owned by – the operator, driving brand loyalty. The operator also owns all the data, providing invaluable learnings about exercise behaviours and usage that can be applied to refine and improve the offering. All live-streamed content can, if desired, also be added to the on-demand Connect library for members to access at a time to suit them.
  3. Aggregated content – with over 600 world-class, music licence-free, on-demand workouts, the Web Player has always offered users unparalleled choice and quality. Whatever your fitness level or experience, whatever your exercise passion, you’ll find workouts for you in the Web Player’s extensive library. All content is provided by the world’s leading content producers, led by top instructors from around the globe, and refreshed regularly so there’s always something new to enjoy.


As an operator, the Wexer Web Player is the ultimate digital engagement tool. It ensures the entirety of your members’ online experience is 100% owned and managed by you, with all the benefits – member loyalty, insights, revenue – coming directly back to your business.

And all of this is available to Web Player customers, new and existing, at no additional cost. Not only that, but your own-branded Web Player could be up and running in as little as seven days from signing a contract.

To find out more, please contact us at info@wexer.com





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