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The exciting opportunities of budget time


It’s budget time for many gyms and health clubs. While that no doubt comes with its fair share of stress, it’s also a time of huge opportunity: the chance to put plans in place to evolve your member experience and ensure you stay one step ahead.

So, what will be your priorities as you seek out those innovations that will have the greatest impact – on the member experience, on usage of your services, on member acquisition and retention, on the bottom line?

Consumers expect 24/7 experiences, convenience, personalisation, flexibility – that much is, by now, beyond question. So if you haven’t yet made a move into the digital realm, will 2020 be the year you add this to your P&L, taking some easy first steps towards digitally enhancing your member experience?

If you’ve already begun the process of digital transformation, will 2020 be the year you take it up a gear, finding new ways to meet exercisers’ 24/7 fitness needs and expectations?

Our view: whichever of the above questions applies to your business, the answer has to be a resounding ‘yes’. In this increasingly digital age, having omnichannel strategy for your fitness business isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s business-critical.

We aren’t saying you have to totally recreate everything you do. Rather, it’s about developing a hybrid offering that strengthens, reinforces and extends the reach of everything you already do. An offering where digital and physical come together to meet customers’ ever-more diverse needs and expectations.

The result: more satisfied customers, and a budget that’s been used not only to innovate for now, but to future-proof your business for years to come.

Perhaps you’ll introduce Wexer Virtual to your group exercise studios, with its 1,000+ classes, all led by the top instructors, immediately creating a world-class, 24/7 group exercise offering.

Perhaps you’ll take an even easier first step by introducing the Wexer Web Player, a password-protected web portal that gives instant access to hundreds of our top classes, allowing your customers to stream them to any internet-enabled device – phone, tablet, laptop – for world-class fitness any time, anywhere.

Perhaps you’ll do both, creating a wonderful synergy between the classes available in-club and out-of-club for a seamless member experience.

Whatever you decide, if you want to stay relevant in this era of changing consumer expectations, make sure your budget embraces the power of digital to inspire people – both within your four walls and beyond them.

To discuss your next steps with us, or for a quote, please contact info@wexer.com



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