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The green shoots of COVID recovery, and how to nurture them


What a year 2020 has been. Truly, it would be hard to find the right adjectives to describe it to anyone who hadn’t lived through it.

But while no doubt a year we’ll all be glad to see the back of, there have been some positives to extract from the crisis we’ve collectively faced.

So often berated for being slow to respond to world-shaping innovations, the global fitness sector surpassed itself in the speed of its digital adoption when lockdown hit. In the process, it laid the foundations for a future-proofed hybrid model as standard; while sadly there have been casualties this year, with businesses and livelihoods falling at one of 2020’s many hurdles, out of the ashes has risen a stronger, more sustainable global fitness sector.

Because of course, a crisis forces us all to re-think and re-strategise. The operators that have focused on the opportunities presented by this re-set of the status quo are the ones that now find themselves in the best possible position to move forward.

Wexer is proud to have partnered with many of these operators throughout the turbulent times of 2020, supporting the digital transformation of their businesses and helping ensure digital strategies were executed in a sustainable, ownable, commercially robust way.

That has been underpinned by innovative solutions, accelerated through our development pipeline to meet the market’s fast-changing needs. Products such as Web Player Connect, for example – a platform through which operators can share their own live and on-demand content in a password-protected, white labelled, monetisable, ownable environment.

If you haven’t yet explored these opportunities, now is the time: while digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint, every organisation should at least have passed the starting line by now. If that isn’t the case for your business, get in touch now and we’ll help you get up to speed.

And with an extensive tech development roadmap ahead, the opportunities to better serve your needs and those of your members by harnessing the power of Wexer will only grow in 2021 and beyond. Look out for enhancements that further unlock the power of your content creators, for example, including integration of the various products in our ecosystem to streamline content management and ensure all club-produced content supports members in- and out-of-club and through every possible interface, from app to web platform to GX studio.

Our mission: to continue to support operators, through user-friendly technology and the assistance of our dedicated teams, to ensure that – even as tech continues to advance – you have the market’s easiest-to-use tools at your disposal to meet the new and emerging demands of your customers.

As global leaders in digital fitness, we are there to help you find and nurture the green shoots of COVID recovery.

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