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What’s missing from your 2021 plans?

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1 December 2020

How are your 2021 plans shaping up?

What are you putting in place to ensure your members’ needs – likely evolved since lockdown – are comprehensively catered for when gyms are back in full swing?

Here’s what we know:

  • Online fitness is here to stay
    Not a replacement for the gym, but a convenient alternative for ‘at home’ days, online fitness has fast become a staple in people’s workout routines. We also know, with the shift in working patterns looking set to stay, that those ‘at home’ days will be far more numerous than was the case pre-COVID.
  • Content creators will power the online experience
    From gyms to individual trainers to influencers, lockdown highlighted the levels of engagement that can be achieved through online fitness content. 2021 will see a concerted push by brands around the world, placing their leading content creators directly in the public eye. Able to connect with exercisers even when they aren’t in the same physical room, this new breed of online content-creation rockstars will increasingly be sought out by fitness consumers for their out-of-club experiences.
  • Virtual group exercise is booming
    In-club, members returning from lockdown are demanding more virtual GX, and not just because of social distancing. It’s because they’re now comfortable with following an on-screen lead.
  • Gyms gave up control in 2020
    By hosting gyms’ online experiences this year, social platforms have taken a degree of ownership and control away from operators. Gyms must now build their own branded ecosystems – a way to establish ownership of, and brand loyalty through, the full in- and out-of-club fitness journey.


Here’s how Wexer can help:

  • Any time, anywhere
    Our SDK solution and white label Web Player mean you can deliver the fitness experiences your members want, wherever they are and whenever they want to train.
  • A white label platform for content creators
    Using Web Player Connect, clubs can upload their own live-streamed and on-demand content, ensuring all digital experiences live in one branded, monetisable space. Meanwhile a new Channels feature, launching in January, will provide top influencers and rockstar trainers with a platform to reach new audiences.
  • The world’s ‘go-to’ in-club solution
    Wexer Virtual remains the world-class solution for in-club virtual GX. Bringing together over 1,500 constantly refreshed classes from the top content providers, programmers and trainers across the globe, it’s also the most robust, reliable solution on the market.
  • Returning ownership to the gyms
    Wexer’s ecosystem of white label products allows operators to, in turn, build their own ecosystems: branded networks of physical and digital touchpoints through which the operator can deliver ownable experiences any time, anywhere, taking control of the customer relationship and building loyalty.


For more information on the Wexer Web Player, SDK or Wexer Virtual, or to discuss how we can help your business embrace the digital age, please contact us at




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AuthorPaul Bowman