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There’s No Better Time To Become A Wexer Content Partner


2020 has presented the fitness industry – along with almost any other – with challenges never seen before.

The digital training space has leapfrogged directly into the future, and the awareness and growth of online workouts has made years of progress in a matter of weeks. But what awaits after the pandemic?

Here at Wexer we are convinced that the entire fitness industry will be facing a new normal. One where customer behavior will not be the same and gym habits are radically changed. Bottom line – if clubs don’t offer their member digital training options, then those members will get it from someone else. I guarantee it!

The side effect of all this? More digital content consumed = more digital content needed. Supply and demand – simple as that.

We serve some of the biggest club chains in the world and we know how fast demand is changing.
Essentially, there has never been a better time to become a Wexer content partner. We supply our clients with a world class platform and your workouts could be on it.

What are we looking for then?

We’re looking for content that will engage the end user and leave them wanting to come back for more!

  • Perhaps you’re already producing cool content and you need another revenue stream?
  • You have a great following on social media, but it’s time to take your game to the next level?
  • You are a trainer, who’s business has been disrupted and it’s time to go online?

In short: Whether you have established production or just getting into it – feel free to get in touch, if you have just the right content or concept.

Our daily engagement with our clients makes it easy for us to identify needs and gaps in the current digital workout landscape to give you ongoing direction to your production.

The future is now

I know – that saying is slightly worn out. However, there has probably never been a moment, where this was truer than now. It is time to go digital or capitalize even more if you are already there.

If you think your content has what it takes to be up there with the best brands, trainers, and clubs in the world, then join us as a Wexer content partner.

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For more information please get in touch at morten@wexer.com



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