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4 August 2015

Despite some concerns from live instructors that virtual training will replace live classes in the health clubs, this is not the case according to Wexer Virtual Global Consumer Survey 2014.
On the contrary, our research shows that gym users see virtual training as a stepping stone towards joining live classes. People that would like to try live classes see virtual training as a safe and non-intimidating way to try out group exercise, before they sign up for live classes.
Virtual classes do, however, add extra value for the clubs, as members appreciate the fact that they can do group exercise whenever they want to. Here are some of the comments virtual training users have shared with us:
‘I like how you can just start a class anytime you like and the fact that I get to choose it’.
‘It is easy, never overcrowded and classes are available all the time’.
‘I do virtual training because I go to the gym early in the morning, if there were a live class then, I would prefer it’.

According to our survey 38% use virtual training once a week or more, they prefer less demanding classes of 25-55 minutes and typically combine virtual with other form of exercise or live classes.
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AuthorMorten Andersen