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Web Player Connect: The what, how and why


Last week, we unveiled our new feature – Connect – for our popular ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ Web Player platform.

A free upgrade for all Web Player customers, what Connect does is effectively hand operators their own TV channel – an area of the Web Player where clubs can share their own content with their members, whether that’s classes, workshops, seminars…

It’s all about drawing on the strengths of clubs’ in-house teams, maximising the reach and impact of this expertise by making it available to all members, on-demand, 24/7.

Once created, this content sits in its own Connect section, which is spotlighted at the top of the Web Player home page: it’s the first thing members see when they log in. The rest of the home page is populated by eye-catching class collections, all of which draw on the hundreds of on-demand, music licence-free classes from Wexer’s global content providers.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to use Connect, either: it’s incredibly easy to use.


  1. Film the sessions you want to share
    You might opt for a professional camera set-up in club. You might just ask your trainers to film themselves on their phones, especially if they’re running sessions from home or in the park. It doesn’t matter how: just capture the content you want to share (and give it a little edit if needed).
  2. Upload to your Web Player
  3. Schedule when you want it to go live
  4. (HQ has the option to review the content, to make sure it’s on-brand)
  5. The content goes live as scheduled, appearing as the latest entry in your Connect collection – all ready for members to view on-demand at a time to suit them


And that’s it. It really is that simple.

Meanwhile the benefits to the operator are many, not least that all your online content now lives in one place – no fragmentation across multiple third party channels – which in turn means you have full control of the online member experience.

Additionally, with the Web Player a password-protected white label solution, all your digital content sits under your brand: ownable, monetisable, brand-enhancing, relationship-building.

And yes, you read it right. All of this – as well as a new live streaming functionality, coming soon to Connect and just as simple to use as this on-demand system – is available to all Web Player customers at no extra cost.


To find out more, please email us at info@wexer.com



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