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9 September 2019

Wexer Beat, Wexer’s new heart rate monitoring system, is available now and already getting great reviews.

Here’s why people are giving it the thumbs-up – and why we believe it’s perfect for your club.

#1 – It’s flexible

Wexer Beat is so flexible, able to be switched on for whichever classes you choose, that it’s the perfect choice even for clubs that don’t yet offer other Wexer services. Use it to enhance live classes – or even just selected live classes – but in the knowledge that the system also works perfectly for virtual group exercise, both scheduled and on-demand, should you add this in the future.

#2 – It’s open to all

Wexer Beat is 100 per cent brand agnostic, which means members don’t have to buy a new heart rate device just to sync with your club’s chosen system. If they already own a device, provided it has an open Bluetooth signal, it will work with Wexer Beat.

#3 – It’s reliable

Not only is Wexer Beat highly accurate – the price of entry in this competitive market – but as you’d expect from Wexer, the technology is also highly robust… the result of a carefully selected partnership with activity monitoring expert Motosumo.

#4 – It’s cost-effective

Given the quality and reliability of Wexer Beat, the price tag might just surprise you: please contact us to discuss packages for Wexer Beat only, or a broader Wexer package including Wexer Beat. You don’t have to commit to buying belts or heart rate devices from us either; should you wish to sell these in your club, you can source any brand you choose.

#5 – It’s easy to use

For end users, it’s a very simple process to get started.

  • Download the Motosumo app and pair it with your choice of heart rate monitor
  • Search for and select the gym location where you want to work out
  • Decide if you’d like your heart rate data shown on the screen at the front of the class
  • Start training!

With heart rate monitoring fast becoming the tool of choice to boost member motivation, results and retention, is it time to install Wexer Beat in your club?

For more information about Wexer Beat, please contact info@wexer.com

AuthorAsger Andersen