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Wexer Digital Feature Updates: Live Links and Closed Captions


Wexer continues to develop new feature updates to its digital platform. Lorraine Valera, Senior Product Manager at Wexer, shares news of two major product updates: external live links and closed captions.

These updates are designed to personalize your Wexer platform even more and boost user engagement. Let’s dive into the details!

Wexer’s platform already offers robust scheduling capabilities, allowing users to plan live streaming events seamlessly. Until now, we generated a streaming link for each event during its creation. However, after listening to your feedback, we recognized the need for even greater flexibility.

With our new update, you can now use external services like Google Meet or Zoom for your events. Whether you’re hosting real-time live streaming classes, simulated live classes, or streaming content from your existing library, our platform accommodates it all. As an event approaches, a clickable external link (ours or yours) will appear, ensuring effortless access for users and maximizing engagement.

  • Flexibility: Choose the platform that works best for you and your audience.
  • Ease of Access: Clickable links make joining events a breeze, reducing barriers to participation.
  • Integration: Seamlessly blend live, simulated, and on-demand content to keep users engaged.

2. Closed Caption Feature Update

Closed captions might not seem like the most glamorous feature at first glance, but they are incredibly powerful. Research shows that closed captions can increase watch time by up to 40% on leading streaming platforms. 

Closed Captions also enhance accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users and make our content more engaging for non-native speakers. Our clients can also subtitle their workouts now, reaching a whole new audience.

Our closed captions feature supports the widely accepted VTT file format, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different platforms and devices. VTT, or Web Video Text Tracks, is a file format that stores captions or subtitles for video content. VTT files are compatible with most major media hosting platforms and are often used as transcripts for webinars or online meetings.

How Closed Captions Enhance User Engagement

  • Accessibility: Makes content accessible to a wider audience, including the deaf, hard of hearing, and non-native speakers.
  • Increased Watch Time: Encourages users to engage with content longer.
  • Broader Reach: Subtitles allow you to reach new users who prefer or require text support.

Closed Captioning is not only a game changer in terms of accessibility allowing deaf, hard of hearing, but also non-native users to engage with our content like never before.

~ Lorraine Valera, Senior Product Manager at Wexer ~

How New Features Create Greater Personalization

Both the live links and closed caption features allow you to personalize your platform even more, creating a more engaging and inclusive experience for all users. We’re excited to see how you leverage these updates to enhance your offerings and connect with your audience in new and meaningful ways.

Thank you for being a part of the Wexer community. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to Lorraine Valera or reach out to your Wexer customer support team.

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