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New Wexer Feature Updates Enhance Digital User Experiences


Wexer, the leading provider of wellness content solutions, is pleased to announce extensive feature updates to its platform. These digital content updates are designed to enhance the user experience and meet the evolving needs of end users. At the same time, the updates bring greater data and insights for businesses to understand what customers really want. 

Wexer CEO Paul Bowman and CTO Jamie Foggon, share the recent updates in this Wexer podcast. They also share how the recent acquisition of Intelivideo allowed Wexer to create a definitive product roadmap for the year which has culminated in the launch of these significant product upgrades. 

We bought a lot of learning when we acquired Intelivideo back in February ‘23. For over 10 years they had built a lot of tech, but specifically features clients really wanted. 10 years of innovation and iteration have meant we now know how important specific features are to the end user and these will only enhance what we currently offer.”

~ Jamie Foggon, Wexer CTO ~ 

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology alignment, the role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has become increasingly vital. CTOs are responsible for navigating the complex intersection of technology, business strategy, and product development. This demanding role requires a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and effective leadership to ensure that technology initiatives align with broader business goals.

By not going after the ‘shiny’ things – something simple can make a real difference. Staying true to Wexer’s core vision and mission we want to make digital content more accessible to more people, these updates will help us achieve that.”

~ Jamie Foggon, Wexer CTO ~ 

Wexer’s 7 Enhanced Feature Updates  

This feature allows users to search class titles from anywhere on the web player. They can search at a global level, not only from within a class category.

2. Class Sharing and Calendar Integration

Allows users to easily share classes with friends and add classes to their calendar to never miss a class. Users can plan their workouts to match their schedule.  

3. Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate classes using a 5-Star system with the option to add a feedback comment. Ratings are available for clients’ owned content, as well as Wexer content. Ratings can be viewed in the Wexer partner portal and downloaded for analysis.

This feature is especially powerful as it enables users to express their opinions and preferences, making it easier for them to discover content that aligns with their interests and needs. The ability to reference the quality and popularity of the content empowers users to make more informed choices, increasing their overall satisfaction with the platform.

4. Personalised Playlists

Users can create their own personal playlists from a list of all media types. A playlist will automatically play each item sequentially, allowing users to build their own workout sessions consisting of more than one workout, like a cardio workout followed by a stretch. In addition to building sequential workouts, playlists can also work just as effectively as a favorite listing mechanism, for example, saving all your favorite cycling classes in one playlist.

For users, playlists provide a convenient way to curate and organize content to match their preferences and goals. Instead of following a rigid instructor-led structure, users can create playlists that combine various workouts, routines, or classes This flexibility allows users to tailor their fitness routines to suit their needs, whether it’s a short 10-minute stretching session or a longer, more comprehensive workout. Playlists offer a dynamic and personalized fitness experience.

Data derived from playlists will be the foundation for future developments involving machine learning and content recommendations. With the ability to analyze user-generated playlists and content consumption patterns, the platform can potentially offer intelligent suggestions for additional content to enhance the user experience. For instance, if a user frequently combines yoga warm-ups with high-intensity workouts, the platform could automatically recommend relevant content, streamlining the user’s journey and engagement with the platform and improving business and technology alignment.

5. Audio Uploads

This new feature enables clients and content providers to upload audio only. This opens up new possibilities and use-cases, such as guided workouts for outdoor running, treadmill, rower, etc. When playing an audio workout on the mobile app, the user will be able to lock their phone and still continue to listen, as they would to a podcast, with pause and play controls available from the lock screen.  

One of the primary advantages of audio content is its versatility. Users can listen to audio recordings while engaging in other activities, such as going for a run or working out, making it a convenient and flexible form of content consumption. This adaptability of business and technology alignment allows for a seamless integration of audio content into daily routines, enhancing user engagement. People are drawn to audio content because it presents an opportunity to immerse themselves in stories, education, or entertainment without the need for undivided attention. Users can follow instructions and receive motivation during their fitness routines, whether they are running or working out at the gym. This demonstrates the practicality of audio content in catering to wellness and fitness enthusiasts, enhancing their overall experience and potentially leading to improved physical health.

Extends the schedule section to allow external live events to be promoted in the schedule. External events show in the schedule in the same way as any other, with a countdown. 

The platform’s scheduling system is highly adaptable, allowing content providers to seamlessly host both live and simulated live events. This flexibility enables content providers to schedule live streams in advance, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for users. By scheduling events and promoting them effectively, content providers can engage users, attract a larger audience, and boost engagement on the platform. 

The full list of event types possible include Live, Simulated Live, Virtual On Demand (VOD), and External. External includes live events that can be delivered externally (e.g. Google meet, Zoom). 

7. Offline Video downloads

Members can now download single pieces of content or curated playlists directly to their devices.Play them anytime, anywhere without Wi-Fi or data.


With this significant investment in our product, we have directly positioned ourselves as the leading content solutions provider. Clients can expect a continuously evolving product that will match the needs of their clients and business goals.”

~ Paul Bowman,Wexer CEO ~

Future 2023 Feature Updates 

An extensive Wexer product roadmap is complete for 2023, with more features to come in 2024. Some are specific to particular clients, however, most will be available to current clients in 2024. 

Some of the feature updates coming in 2024 include Email Marketing and CRM Integration, Subscription Bundles and Closed Captioning. 

All new clients will automatically be onboarded to the newly enhanced features.  

If you are an existing customer or prospective client, find out how Wexer’s unparalleled data, technology, and wellness content library can help you exceed client wellness expectations! Email Us: info@wexer.com

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