Employers, what’s missing from your 2021 plans?

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12 March 2021

With the vaccine now rolling out, and hopes that the worst of the COVID crisis is behind us, it’s time for businesses to sense-check their 2021 plans to ensure employees’ needs – most certainly evolved over the last year of on-off lockdown – are catered for.

Here’s what we know:

  • Working patterns have changed
    Even if you had an employee wellbeing offering in place previously, it will probably require a bit of fine-tuning for 2021.Most notably, if this doesn’t already exist, you’re going to need an at-home proposition – and fast. Working patterns are likely changed for the long term, with a continued swing towards home-working, meaning geographical flexibility will now be needed in any employee wellbeing programme; it won’t all be able to happen on-site.
  • New habits have been formed
    That’s OK, though – at least in terms of employee receptiveness to an at-home solution – thanks to the new habits that have been forged in lockdown.In gyms, we’re seeing members returning from lockdown and demanding more virtual group exercise. That isn’t just because of social distancing, either, whereby virtual allows for round-the-clock, safely spaced classes. It’s because, after months of online being the only option for guided workouts, people are now comfortable with following an on-screen lead.

    Employers can harness this trend too, embracing employees’ new online habits by providing high-quality on-demand wellbeing content. Content that, to go back to our previous point, people can take part in wherever they are.

  • Mental health matters
    Wellbeing is, by its very nature, holistic: body, mind, spirit. It’s about exercise, eating well, making the right lifestyle choices. It’s why corporate wellbeing programmes have long embraced not only opportunities to be active, but also healthy nutrition and life coaching.But with 38 per cent of workers saying lockdown has had a negative impact on their wellbeing (source: Deloitte), mental health is now leaping to the front of the agenda. Far from being an add-on or a by-product of fitness-oriented initiatives, mental health must now be a central and highly focal pillar of all employee wellbeing programmes.


  • Zoom doesn’t cut it
    A controversial one, as Zoom will no doubt remain a platform of choice for conference calls, but fitness and wellness provision serves your business best if it’s perceived as a value-added service created by you for your employees. 

    That means it’s a no to paying for your employees to have access to a third-party wellbeing app. It’s even a no to classes and wellbeing seminars led via Zoom. Your best solution is a white label solution – one where the portal and the environment are branded to you.


Here’s how Wexer can help:

  • Any time, anywhere
    Wexer’s white label Web Player provides ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ wellbeing content – world-class content collated and managed by Wexer, but delivered under your brand. It means you can deliver the wellbeing experiences your employees need, wherever they are and whenever they want to take part in them.
  • Online in just seven days
    Even better, your new Web Player can be developed and integrated into your app and/or website in as little as seven days from signing a contract, putting world-class online wellbeing content at your employees’ fingertips.
  • Spoiled for choice
    With hundreds of classes on offer, your team will be spoiled for choice, whether they’re after dance or HIIT, conditioning or abs, yoga or cycling or boxing or pilates… the list goes on! Wexer delivers strongly from a mental health perspective too, with more than 130 mind-body and meditation classes on offer, starting from as little as five minutes’ duration.
  • Handing you ownership
    As a white label solution, your Web Player will allow you to deliver ‘ownable’ experiences to your employees. The feelgood that comes from every class participated in, every meditation session enjoyed, all gets reflected back onto your brand.


For more information on the Wexer Web Player, please contact us at info@wexer.com




AuthorRoss Payne