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10 May 2021

Technology can sometimes get a bit, well, techy can’t it? All those acronyms bouncing around, all that unfamiliar terminology… It’s enough to baffle even the most receptive brain, enough to disengage even those who, if they could just wade through the tech talk, would hugely benefit from the tech itself.

That’s why we’ve written this blog. Because we know we have a couple of awesome new innovations, both of which address a very clear need – but both of which have a name that might put non-IT people off.

Those two innovations are the Wexer API and the Wexer SDK.

See? Acronyms.

Let’s look behind the terminology to spell out, clearly and simply, what each of them does.


What they both do

The API and SDK both unlock the content that resides in the Wexer ecosystem – the world-class content that we curate from our global content partners – so it can be extracted and dropped into other people’s digital platforms.

They both allow operators – whether that’s gyms, corporates, hotels, housing developments or student accommodation – to short-cut their way to filling their online portals with high-quality, regularly refreshed workout content.

They both allow operators to effectively outsource their content creation to Wexer.



‘SDK’ stands for Software Development Kit, and it’s essentially a piece of code.

If any element of any app has its own SDK, that element can be extracted from its parent app and dropped straight in to another app.

And the good news is, all the world-class workout content in the Wexer app has an SDK. That means all or any of our content can be unlocked and integrated into your app.

  • If you’re a gym operator, our SDK means you can pull whatever content you like from the Wexer library into your own app – some of it, all of it, whatever best fits your member profile. All without having to worry about music licences.
  • If you’re a corporate wellness provider wanting to offer stress relief to your clients’ employees, our SDK allows you to pick and choose specific class collections to draw out of our app and into yours: mindfulness, mind-body and stretching, for example.
  • If you’re a multi-family housing developer, our SDK helps you boost residents’ perceptions of your brand, with fantastic on-demand content – hundreds of classes to meet the diverse, 24/7 needs of your residents – delivered in your app, under your brand, not ours.
  • If you’re the operator of purpose-built student accommodation, our SDK means you can rest easy knowing your app will be continually refreshed with new content to keep students motivated in their workouts, without you having to do any of the heavy lifting of content production yourself.
  • If you’re a hotel and want to charge guests to use the content in your app, as long as your app has that functionality, that’s fine too. With the Wexer SDK, it may be our content, but it’s in your app. You have full control over the environment.


‘API’ stands for Application Programming Interface, and the easiest way to think of it is as a doorway into an application – a doorway that allows you to enter the application, find the data (or in our case, content) you want, and then build a ‘permanently-on’ connection that ensures this content continually and automatically flows into your own application.

So yes, at face value the Wexer API is similar to our SDK. It, too, allows you to extract from our app the content you’d like to offer your customers and deliver it in your own branded environment.

But here’s where it differs.

Our SDK lets you use our content in your mobile app only – a simple, quick, cost-effective solution for those who don’t, in any case, have any other need for the content.

Our API, meanwhile, lets you use our content in your mobile app and also any other channels in your digital ecosystem. It’s the ideal solution for those with a more extensive digital portfolio.

If you’re a gym operator, you might use our API to offer our world-class, third-party content to your members via your website as well as your app.

If you’re a hotel operator, or the developer of multi-family housing or student accommodation, our API can facilitate in-room fitness via smart TVs. It allows you to draw our content into your smart TV platform, providing guests/residents/students with hundreds of workout options to do in the comfort of their own room; many workouts require minimal to no equipment.

If you’re a corporate wellness provider whose client has invested in smart hardware for its on-site facility – a smart mirror, for example – you can use our API to make our content available via that hardware. For the days when people are working from home, you can also make that same content available to clients’ employees via your app. It ensures people get to do their favourite workout wherever they are.


Some things don’t change

Whichever Wexer solution you choose, though, whether API or SDK:

  • You control the end user interface, so the member sees the digital experience as coming from your brand.
  • We take responsibility for the expensive and time-consuming, yet invisible, task of hosting, streaming and continually refreshing the content.
  • You receive all content updates automatically, so there’s always something new for your members to try.
  • We offer you the same guarantee: that the product will constantly evolve, getting better and better all the time.


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AuthorRobert Louw