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11 May 2021

Wexer has partnered with Innovatise, the developers of myFitApp, to integrate its on-demand content seamlessly into their customers’ branded member apps.

The partnership offers over 700 high-quality, curated workouts to any of the over 1800 sites with apps provided by Innovatise through its myFitApp@home digital home fitness platform.

Halo Leisure is one of the first to take advantage of this partnership. “We wanted a way to complement our digital offering in our app with professionally produced content and monetise it using our existing membership infrastructure and that’s exactly what this does.” comment Iain Hayes, IT Director at Halo.

Like any content in myFitApp@home leisure operators can monetise the Wexer content by giving access to specific memberships to retain existing members and encourage rejoining. For those that don’t get access through their membership, myFitApp@home’s in-app-purchase option gives them an easy one-click-to-buy option that generates additional revenue for operators.

Enhancing/Extending the repertory to realize hybrid fitness today

Heiko Pfeffer, Managing Director at ELIXIA, which is one of the first German club operators benefiting from the partnership, emphasized:

“With Wexer, we get an extensive library of professionally produced content to complement our digital membership. With myFitApp’s flexible video content management system, we can build our own shop fronts, combine the Wexer content with ours and monetise both directly.”

Robert Louw, Global Head of Business Development at Wexer commented “Members now expect high-quality, on-demand content as part of their membership. Our partnership with myFitApp gives thousands of sites access to our world-class virtual fitness content library. Operators can easily add our content straight into their branded member app and monetise it using their existing membership software.”

App customers have the flexibility of curating the Wexer content in their own collections, combining Wexer content with their own recorded workouts. Members use the fast, slick myFitApp@home shopfront to browse and select workouts and can play them back in HD quality on their phone, tablet, PC or SmartTV using Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

“Our partnership with Wexer will help our customers to strengthen their digital offering and make the transition to the hybrid fitness world”, commented Tim Williams, Head of Business Development at Innovatise. “By combining Wexer’s great content with their own recorded live workouts from trainers their members know and love, gyms can offer both rich and unique digital workouts to stand out from upcoming online rivals.”

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About Innovatise

Innovatise is the developer of myFitApp, an open, Mobile Digital Marketing Platform gyms & health clubs use to communicate their brand, retain members, acquire new ones and deliver digital fitness using the unique power of mobile.

With over 1800 gyms and over 5M app downloads worldwide, we’re leaders in providing marketing-focused, branded apps for gyms, particularly in the UK and DACH. Our UK customers include GLL, Everyone Active, Bannatyne and Gymbox. In DACH our customers include  JustFit, Fitnessloft, Elixia, Smile X and Basefit.

Our customers love our apps because they save staff time, boost their brand, delight members and pay for themselves many times over. They love us too for our clean, functional design, our platform ease of use, and the quality of our solution and our people.


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