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Digital Content Integration Is Key To Staying Relevant


Digital content integration adds value to individual members and franchisees. Learn how integrating digital content with your in-class studio fitness experience improves your member satisfaction and increases the lifetime value of a member.

On today’s episode, Paul sits down with Title Boxing Club’s Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder and President of BoxUnion, Felicia Alexander. Felicia spent 20 years in the corporate world but always knew her career would center around the fitness industry.

Before starting BoxUnion, Felicia had a successful career as a sales and marketing executive for several companies: including Sun Microsystems, Sony, Mattel and Demand Media. She became passionate about boxing at an early age because she found it was a vehicle to help change people’s lives.

“I felt like an inner badass had been released the moment I put on gloves.”  

– Felicia Alexander – 


BoxUnion was founded in 2016 by Todd Wadler and Felicia Alexander. BoxUnion is a unique blend of boxing, HIIT, strength, energy, and community that makes every class a one-of-a-kind experience.

Felicia Alexander is the Chief Revenue Officer at Title Boxing Club and Co- Founder/President of BoxUnion. She grew up in a household where fitness was part of their life. 

Her first boutique experience was going to a Jazzercise class with her older sister when I was eight. She joined her first gym at 14 and got a job working at a gym when I was 16. She also played competitive soccer since the age of 4. After the loss of her father, she found boxing. 

“The first time I put on gloves, it was truly the most cathartic transformative experience.”

~ Felicia Alexander ~

Todd Wadler is the CEO of Title Boxing Club and Co- Founder/CEO of BoxUnion. Wadler is a former investment banker.  

Title Boxing Club started in 2008. Title Boxing Club is an unbelievable brand and a proven concept. BoxUnion acquired Title Boxing Club in 2021 after Todd saw an opportunity for creating a boutique boxing franchise brand. Their customer demographic was very similar to the customer base that BoxUnion was servicing. 

BoxUnion was well capitalized and poised to grow. He felt the time was right because the current boxing fitness was skewing predominantly male and older, and it didn’t mimic what boutique fitness on the whole represented. 

So they took a leap of faith and built a boxing and fitness franchise system to bring a fresh energy, a passion for learning and development, and their product innovation to the Title brand.

Felicia said, “What differentiates Title Boxing Club from other fitness boxing gyms is that we’re really leading with boxing, and incorporating fitness with the 52 week curriculum that reinforces a different focus of the week through a combo of the day. It’s a boxer’s journey that we’re taking people on an everyday by reinforcing a different focus of the week through a combo of the day. Others claim to have fitness boxing, but they are leading with fitness and only adding a sprinkling of boxing.”

“We’re not training people to step into a ring, but we want them to feel empowered, de-stressed, and ready to take on whatever life throws their way.”

~ Felicia Alexander ~

Classes in the facility may be longer, but the digital content integration allows members to participate at home and outside the facility. It includes more variety with shorter form videos and more body part specific workouts. They can select a quick workout or combine multiple body parts to accomplish their goals and fit their schedule. So digital content is a bonus for the fitness studio to add to their fitness and boxing routines for members or clients outside the gym. 

“We see digital content integration as an additive to our member base and a way to increase the lifetime value of a member.” 

– Felicia Alexander –


It’s not about doing one thing, but doing a lot of things consistently. The first thing we tell prospective franchise partners is to be involved in their franchise and get hyper-local in your community. Reach out to your target market and different demographic groups.

For example, step outside your bubble to see what else is happening in the wellness community in your market. For example, check out groups that focus on recent mothers.

Also, develop friendships with other studio owners to stay relevant in the evolving fitness industry.


Rock City is an unbelievable program that uses boxing and fitness to help lessen and alleviate the symptoms that many Parkinson’s patients have. Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological condition that affects balance, strength, walking, and especially confidence. It’s based on a foundation of non-contact boxing, and it’s very effective for improving all the symptoms that people with PD typically experience.

They offer Rock Steady programs at Title Boxing Clubs and senior living facilities. This brings people in during off-peak hours and it provides a tremendous benefit to Parkinson’s patients.


Through the TITLE University learning management system, master instructors and coaches offer franchisees and individuals a carefully crafted curriculum that focuses on boxing as the core component. Coaches can easily access detailed programming on TITLE University, streamlining training and creating consistency in clubs. Members achieve “flow” state through intentional movement and inspirational coaching. Members leave class with the confidence that they’re tougher than anything life could throw at them.

They also have developed focused digital content to support each week’s objective. When you log on to book a class, you can see the focus and the skills that you’re going to be working on in each class.

She challenges podcast listeners:

“Find the nearest Title Boxing Club close to you and put on your gloves!” 

~ Felicia Alexander ~

Tune in to discover how to elevate your fitness business with digital content integration. Release the raw energy of digital content in just the right doses, and stay relevant in the ever-changing fitness landscape.

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