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Everyone’s talking about SDK – but what does it mean?


What is SDK?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit, and it’s basically a bit of code.

Put simply, if an element of any app has its own SDK, it means that element can be extracted from its parent app and dropped straight in to another app.

The developers of the parent app create the SDKs. Once that’s done, recipient apps simply need to be able to accept the SDK’d content. Think of it as a jigsaw, whereby the incoming jigsaw piece needs to dock neatly into a slot that’s been built to fit.

That does mean a bit of software development work for the recipient app, but any good tech team will be more than up to the task.


Does Wexer have any SDKs?

We have an SDK for the most popular area of our app, On-Demand group exercise, with hundreds of fantastic virtual group classes from which to choose. We also have plans to create SDK’s for other aspects of the app.


Why has Wexer done this?

We know that many operators already have an app and don’t want to start again from scratch. Our SDK menu has been launched in recognition of this.


What is the value to my business?

It’s a cost-effective way of giving your members all the content they want, without them ever having to leave the environment of your app.

You control the user interface (what the end user sees in terms of design, app navigation, branding and so on) as well as the data (the way you use, analyse and store data from the app). You control the front end and the data.

If you want to charge a premium for this new content, as long as your app has that functionality, that’s fine too. Ultimately, you control the environment, and to all intents and purposes it looks and feels like your own content.

But in practice you get to hand over to us when it comes to the exercise content: we take control of the invisible back end. The moment a user presses ‘play’, it’s over to us to provide and channel the content from our world-class CMS (content management system) via our robust, market-leading digital platform, into your app and onto the user’s screen.

In a nutshell, we invest in a constant stream of fresh new programmes – and all the supporting technology – so you don’t have to.


What if I don’t have an app yet?

For those who don’t yet have their own app, the comprehensive Wexer App is a great option. Encompassing all the content modules listed above, and far more besides – from class timetables and booking to team challenges, member comms and activity tracking – it can be bespoked around your needs and white labelled to your brand.


To find out more about SDK or App, please contact us at info@wexer.com







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