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This tool will single-handedly supercharge your content marketing


When you’re recommending fitness and wellbeing activities for your members to do outside of the gym environment, the user experience should be as simple and one-click as possible to maximise uptake.

  • Promote a class that’s available through your online platform.
  • Talk about it in a way that piques members’ interest.
  • Share a link that takes them directly to the workout you’ve recommended.

And that’s it.

No searching needed on the part of the member. Whether they use the link immediately or later, just one click and the workout is right there for them to do.

This is where Wexer Web Player’s direct link feature comes in.

Otherwise known as a ‘deep link’ feature, it allows you to share a link that sends members directly to your chosen content, be that a specific video or a curated collection of classes.

In turn, it opens up endless opportunities to fill your marketing and member comms with eye-catching, relevant content that adds real value to your members (as well as tempting new prospects to engage with you, once they realise all this great stuff is paywalled).

Imagine, for example, your recommended Workout of the Day popping up each day on your social streams. Members just click the link and they’re straight in to the workout.

Imagine social media posts where you outline the benefits of a particular style of training – yoga, for example, or bodyweight training – before directing members to a relevant class collection.

And imagine personalised emails, segmented to address different profiles or interests, with relevant class suggestions to support members’ existing routines: stretching sessions for those who always do HIIT at the club, for example, or additional pilates sessions for those who regularly book in to live classes – something to challenge them a bit further, or to offer them alternatives for the days they can’t make it to the club.

If you’re using Web Player Connect – which allows you to upload your own content onto the platform – you can even alert members whenever a new workout is available. Email class regulars when their favourite instructor uploads an on-demand class. Post about popular nutrition seminars or mindfulness sessions. Always with a unique link that takes members directly to the relevant content on your Web Player.

It means social streams full of engaging content.

It means higher uptake thanks to the simple click-through mechanism.

It means supercharged content marketing.

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